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Obamacare and Its Unintended Consequences

This isn’t a very contemplative article. More of an observation. Forgive me for stating the obvious but Obamacare seems to be generating what we all like to call unintended consequences.  Everywhere I read online  in a news report, some business … Continue reading

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Absurd Book Deals

What is in the air lately that it seems as if every Tom, Dick and Harry with a hint of controversy or 15 minutes of fame, seem to be announcing that they’ve signed a new book deal. I just had … Continue reading

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REVIEW: The American Duchess by Joan Wolf

The American Duchess by Joan Wolf (1983) is the tale of a penniless Duke who weds an American heiress. This is my second time reading a Joan Wolf book. Admittedly, I’ve collected her work for years but never took the … Continue reading

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