Ten Thoughts on Zero Dark Thirty


Katheryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty was finally released nationwide today. I finally got to see it and I would say it was a good movie but it was not what I had anticipated. It’s kind of hard to explain but here are ten things I can say about the film without spoiling it for you.

1. Like most people, I was curious about the investigation that led to *UBL’s capture and death. I was happy when Bigelow decided to make a film of it.
2. Like The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty makes you feel as though you are actually there especially during the actual raid
3. The torture scenes were somewhat difficult for me to watch but they were not as bad I had feared however
4. This movie gives one a glimpse at the dangers associated with living in Pakistan; the hunt for UBL was not the only agenda of the CIA
5. It takes skill and determination to interrogate subjects, glean significant info and apply it to future strikes
6. The perilousness of life was keenly felt with the suicide bombs and such, lives lost to find UBL especially
7. The real intel gathering and chasing leads was probably the slowest part of the film
8. The studio touts that the film is based on first hand accounts yet it was attacked in the news by certain Senators as being “inaccurate.”
9. Did the film show too much of its interrogation procedures? validating undisclosed locations? revealing the dark side of the CIA operations?
10. Jessica Chastain was good in here. Her role was that of determination and steely confidence. She didn’t doubt that UBL was in Abbottabad

Overall, good movie. These are just observations, thoughts after two hours of reflection from seeing the movie. On another note, I had also bought Peter L. Bergen’s book, Manhunt: The Ten Year Search for  Bin Laden -from 9/11 to Abbottabad  last year and read about the first fourth of it. A good companion to the film I think.  I’m aware there are other books out there like No Easy Day that also tells of the raid. Bergen’s book is very readable, so I plan to stick to that. *Usama Bin Laden


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