Thank You, Hurricane Alex [Not Really]

Even though Hurricane Alex didn’t exactly make landfall in Texas, the storm did manage to dump a lot of rain just as a hello and to make sure we didn’t feel left out. It took me almost 3 hours to get home after I left work yesterday. One hour was spent in traffic that went nowhere and the other hour was spent with me on the phone trying to map my way back to my freaking house. One of the few areas that didn’t flood.

My car didn’t stall out on me – thank goodness!- as I coasted my way through the murky water. The rain wasn’t letting up at all. I feared that I was going to be stranded. However, I managed to find higher ground and get home safely (yes!).

While I was trapped in my car, I did manage to take pictures but more than half didn’t come out worth a damn. It’s forecast to rain some more today and all I can say is thank goodness this is my weekend off. It’s been a rainy couple of weeks, folks. My grass is almost ten feet high and I haven’t really seen the sun in I don’t know how long. Happy Fourth of July!


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6 Responses to Thank You, Hurricane Alex [Not Really]

  1. Bev Stephans says:

    Keishon, I’m glad you made it safely home. I know what’s it like to drive through horrendous storms. Try to enjoy your weekend. Maybe you can make a dent in your TBR pile!

  2. Maili says:

    I thought you were talking about the legendary snooker player Alex Higgins, best known for his amazing snooker skills and his bad-boy antics during two decades. 😀

    Glad you got home safe. Sorry but after a few days of intense heatwaves, I truly envy you having nothing but rain. Awful but true.

    In spite of my love for the rain, back in the days when it was all right to drive, I hated driving through a flooded road or a large puddle. Almost had a heart attack when Leamington Spa had a serious flooding due to rain and a river a few years ago (1998 or 1999). The flood covered 80% of Leamington Spa, but my road was in dry 20%, thank god. In some areas the flood was roughly 6ft tall. So yeah, my car became a wreck after a couple of days of driving through flooded roads. Booo.

    Happy 4th of July! (What are you reading now?)

  3. Avid Reader says:

    @Bev Stephans: I already finished one book, Broken, by Karin Slaughter. Moving onto the next.@Maili: I just finished reading Broken by Karin Slaughter. I think I am going to read another mystery, Ill Wind by Barbara Fister.

  4. firepages says:

    I am also in Texas for the 4th of July weekend and had to travel in the terrible rain. Thank goodness I upgraded from my Camaro. I would never have made it to my destination otherwise. Be safe.

  5. SarahT says:

    Glad to hear you made it home safely. Thank goodness your house didn’t flood!

  6. Shelley says:

    Since I am immersed in writing about Texans who were desperate for rain, the idea of too much of it boggles the mind!

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