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Nurse, Nanny…Bride!, Alison Roberts

I’m writing about this book because I can’t get it out of my head since I read it a couple of weeks ago, but this isn’t a review.  Nurse, Nanny …Bride! has one of the most ridiculous backstories I’ve ever … Continue reading

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My Mother Made Me!, Sharon Brain

Once upon a time I read this book and remember it as being hilarious, and remember laughing aloud as I read it.  I purchased it so I could re-read it.  Sometimes it works out and the magic is recaptured.  This … Continue reading

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Adam's Fall, Sandra Brown [1988 Romance]

Adam’s Fall, Sandra Brown [Fanfare 1994 Reprint, 208 pages] is an early romance that actually reads well today outside of the datedness that is inherent in contemporary romance novels. It’s a real shame that this book isn’t available in ebook … Continue reading

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The Best Revenge, Justine Davis

The Best Revenge (Silhouette Romantic Suspense 2010) by Justine Davis is apart of her Redstone, Inc, miniseries. I had no idea how far back this series ran. The author has her own website, too. I’ve only read two titles in … Continue reading

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