Territorial Rights and Ebook Readers

Ran across this somewhat brief article from Digital Book World that discusses the territorial rights that prohibits readers from buying ebooks from other countries. The article isn’t all that in depth but it briefly explains why territorial rights were established. Quite frankly, readers don’t care anything about why they are restricted or what territorial rights were intended to do, they just want to read the damn ebooks.

The sooner this gets resolved the better. Many times I recommend books to other readers and friends who reside in other countries and they can’t buy them. A lot of lost sales at every turn because of these damn geographical restrictions are in place. On it’s face it seems ridiculous and it’s very frustrating from a consumer viewpoint. That’s the only viewpoint I have and as a consumer, it should have some weight to make these publishers and authors think about making their ebooks available to everybody.

Speaking of other countries and their marketing strategies, take a look at the cover art of these three books from Laurell K. Hamilton’s very popular (when will this end?) Anita Blake series. Booksellers and marketers know what sells in their respective regions because clearly the covers look really, really weird to this American reader. I will say one thing in that they are very arresting to look at as I don’t know what exactly I am looking at or what made them conjure up these covers.


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3 Responses to Territorial Rights and Ebook Readers

  1. SarahT says:

    Count me in as a reader not resident in the US who doesn’t care WHY geographical restrictions are in place but just wants them GONE! If it weren’t for these restrictions, I would have bitten the bullet and bought a digital reader long ago.

    I don’t understand the thinking behind book covers in different countries but I assume the marketing people know what they’re about. Our local bookshop stocks books in German and in French, plus a few in English and Italian. The style of their respective covers is quite different.

  2. Marg says:

    Territorial rights is one of the reasons why I am in no hurry to buy an ebook reader, because I know that there are books that I am not going to be able to buy just because I live where I live. Seems totally ridiculous in this day and age!

  3. Li says:

    I’ve seen those new Anita Blake covers instore and they are very eye-catching. Even spine-out, because they then form a bright red shelf of books.

    And geographical rights are a pain. I don’t see how they can continue with them in the longer-term (hello globalisation?), but right now, it is very frustrating.

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