Installing Python on Mac and PC, Manga Recs and More

Just in Case You Missed It…

Jane (technical guru) wrote out the tutorial for installing Python and Pycrypto to your Mac or PC or both (you can have it your way). I am a new Mac user (purchased an iMac) and have already printed out the instructions to give it a go on my next day off because I have a feeling that it will be an all day event. I had issues with creating my own cloud of ebooks but eventually got that one going. To truly own, I mean _own_ your ebooks without worrying about the loss of your investment, you have to crack the DRM. Simple. As. That.

Ellora’s Cave Goes Audio….Yes, you read that right. Readers now have the choice to listen to those super hawt erotic love scenes in the form of an audiobook from Ellora’s Cave. Wonder how that will come across? Blergh. Sorry but audiobooks were never my thing even for regular fiction. Have fun with that as you have a whooping three titles to choose from (at the time of this writing).

Author Interview: Karen Harper, discussing her newest novel, Down River, at the International Thriller Writers blog. I’ve always wanted to read Harper and have one or two books of hers in my stash. Must make effort to read her this year. If anyone has recs, please share.

Manga Readers like myself, appreciate lists. Here is the Manga Critic’s Ten Great Global Manga, focusing on American artists or OEL (wiki) (Original English Language-manga).

Among certain parts of manga fandom, global manga (or OEL manga) is viewed as the comic-book equivalent of New Coke: the packaging might be similar, but the taste is different and, as these fans would have it, not as good as the original.

Will give some of those titles a look when I’m in the library next time.

On a more serious note, I saw a picture (warning, warning) of Roger Ebert on the cover of Esquire magazine and froze. I knew he had cancer and that he had several surgeries that I think he said weren’t always successful that left him unable to talk, eat or drink. I grew up watching Roger Ebert and the late Gene Siskel on TV and enjoyed their commentary on films and on each other. After seeing the Esquire picture of what Ebert looks like today, I was in total shock. I read the article and eventually that made me feel better knowing that he has Chaz (his wife and protector) beside him to lift up his spirits.


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