Norwegian Crime Novelist, Jo Nesbo, Upcoming US Events

Seems that my favorite crime novelist from Oslo will be coming to the US! He has some scheduled events where unfortunately, it looks like he won’t be in my neck of the woods. Damn. Well, if he’s in your area, go meet him!

The website says he’s promoting Nemesis from his most excellent Harry Hole series. Although he does have a new hardcover coming out, The Devil’s Star in March 2010.The three books that are and will be available for US readers are: The Redbreast, Nemesis and The Devil’s Star (in March). Love. Him. I really do. Why? Great plotter. Great writer. Interesting protagonist. Read him. I have. And no, those aren’t affiliate links.


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3 Responses to Norwegian Crime Novelist, Jo Nesbo, Upcoming US Events

  1. Trisha says:

    I (obviously) agree with you about Nesbo and the order in which his books were translated/published.

    Anyway, I’m catching up on reading PW right now and saw this interview. I figured you’d be interested, especially in the last question, “Are there plans to translate the first two Harry Hole novels, The Batman and Cockroaches, into English?” Nesbo: “The reason I never tried to have them translated is that they are about a Norwegian guy traveling in Australia [The Batman] and Thailand [Cockroaches], exploring these societies and at the same time having them reflect Norwegian society. At the time Harry Hole started to be exported, it seemed a better idea to start with Harry where he belongs, in Oslo. But with the current developing interest for the character, I may consider it.”

  2. Avid Reader says:

    @Trisha: Thanks, Trisha! I hope he reconsiders it. I want to all of his Harry Hole books no matter where they’re located.

  3. Megan says:

    Ooh, He’s coming near me! I doubt that I’ll be able to make it out, but it’s cool to know about. Thanks!

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