Manga Monday: ES (Eternal Sabbath), Fuyumi Soryo

ES Eternal Sabbath (Del Rey 2006) written by Fuyumi Soryo (Mars), paperback, 240 pgs, list price $10.95. Rated OT for older teens +16. Story completed at 8 volumes and are currently available. This author also wrote Mars.

Wow, this is a fascinating story about human experimentation gone awry. Ryousuke Akiba, the main protagonist, is a hacker. He’s a genetically engineered human who’s able to hack into the minds of other people. He manipulates or shuffles the data that makes up people’s memories and thoughts so that he can control them. His codename is ES00 but he goes by Shuro, after the palm leaf in the Bible.

The scientists who created Shuro were looking for a gene that would enable humans to live longer. This was a secretive experiment. The gene that they are looking for would resist pathogens thereby creating a robust immune system. What they found was the ES gene which was used to create Shuro. It turns out that Shuro was a miracle birth because so many of the other eggs wouldn’t divide or would rot. Because of that, the scientists decided to clone Shuro, to further their studies and to ascertain why he survived.

In doing so, they created “Isaac” who was again, referenced from the Bible, named after the son of Abraham, who sacrifices his son to God. The researchers planned to create Isaac, dissect him and study him. However, what the scientists didn’t know was that Shuro and Isaac could read minds. When Issac was born, he knew all along what the scientists were going to do to him. So he destroyed the lab and killed most of the scientists there that conspired to kill him. Isaac then disappears. With his power, he is considered dangerous.

Now, the only remaining scientist is looking for Isaac and is asking for Shuro’s help. The scientist plans to kill Isaac but Shuro isn’t moved to help. He feels that Isaac’s not his problem. According to Shuro, the scientists only see him as a “guinea pig” and not as a real person. But Shuro is an ambivalent character. His actions seem to convey that he is one of the good guys but he manipulates people’s minds in order to steal people’s identities. He resides with the Akiba family and pretends to be their son.

The power that Shuro and Isaac have is quite dangerous. They can easily control people’s minds but not all of them. Seems that some people are easier to manipulate than others. Mine Kujo, who’s a neurological specialist who befriends Shuro, is one them. She knows about Shuro’s powers and is also helping to track down Isaac.

While Shuro doesn’t harbor any need to to strike out against humanity, Isaac is of a different mindset. He harbors a hatred against mankind. Supposedly he was born never learning the value of human life. Like Shuro, he steals people’s identities and can manipulate people’s minds and causing real and life like hallucinations. So they hunt for Isaac, looking for any strange or unusual event that will give away his location.

The images in here that the author uses to display one’s feelings of hate, jealousy, anger and people’s fears is nicely done. I was reminded of the movie with Jennifer Lopez, when she went into the mind of that psycho to help the local police search for that missing girl. Quite a few people had thoughts that portrayed them in some sort of grandiose manner. The storyline in here could make for a good movie. Will order the rest in this series. This is a promising storyline. My grade, B+. I inhaled both of these titles in one sitting. A good series.


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