Scandanavian Crime Fiction is Hot, Hot, Hot

Scandinavian Crime: Red Blood and White Snow (Mystery Fanfare Blog)

This isn’t news to anyone who’s been reading Crime Fiction for the past few years, but Scandinavian Crime is Hot

Yep. I agree completely. European crime fiction is super hot. I’ve enjoyed Jo Nesbo’s three books: Nemesis, The Redeemer and The Devil’s Star all set in Oslo, Norway. I started reading Stieg Larrson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Just what is so good about these books that readers can’t seem to get enough of them? Well, for me, the setting is a big, big part of the reason why I enjoy Jo Nesbo’s books. Doesn’t hurt that the stories are character driven and the authors know how to plot and plot well. I bought of slew of new authors to try like Karen Fossum and Arnaldur Indriason to name a few. Can’t wait. Check out the article.


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