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Just an assorted array of topics that can range from books to who knows what. If it’s interesting, weird, thought-provoking or provocative, I’m positing it.

Hilarious James Patterson TV Ad

NYT bestselling author, James Patterson’s TV ad has him making a plea for his readers to buy his new book, I, Alex Cross (Little, Brown & Company 2009) or else he’ll have to, you know – do something drastic. Never saw this ad before today. Hilarious. via Tupholos Wonder if that threat worked?

Alafair Burke’s 212

Mystery writer, Alafair Burke, has a new book coming out March 2010, titled “212.” It’s the sequel to Angel’s Tip (Harper 2009), the second book in her Ellie Hatcher series. I find Burke’s writing to be polished and her characters well drawn. The violence in her last book was moderate. I highly recommend her especially if you enjoy mysteries set in New York or if your looking for something different to read other than Karin Slaughter or Chelsea Cain.

Washington Post Article Says Key to Writing Success is to….Write Like a Man. What?

I found this article interesting: The key to literary success? Be a man — or write like one. As a reader, I’ve heard or read of this practice of female writers having to use non-female sounding names when writing in mystery and you can extrapolate that further as you see fit. This practice is not new. At the other end of the spectrum, if men wanted to write and sell romances, they have often had to use more feminine sounding names. Via LynnARR

Sandra Brown Interview at International Thriller Writers Blog

Interesting and quick read on Sandra Brown and her writing career for In Between the Lines Segment. I was introduced to her with her suspense novels like Charade and The Witness. I went on to enjoy Mirror Image, Texas! Chase and French Silk and a few others that I am blanking on at the moment. Brown is usually more hits than misses for me but the one thing I like about her books is that she’s good at writing chemistry and she is good with character development. Her plots tend to strain my level of disbelief but I can forgive a lot of things if the story is good.

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4 Responses to The Morning Report

  1. Wow, I’d never seen that Patterson ad either! I’m surprised he’s going to TV with it, like a book trailer that actually goes on TV. Wow. It’s pretty snappy. Doesn’t try to tell the whole plot. I like that.

  2. Tee says:

    I’m really anxious to read Alafair Burke’s new release, “212” coming out in March. You turned me on to her with “Angel’s Tip” and I read the prequel to that book as well, but did not delve any further into her backlog. So I definitely second your suggestion of trying her books.

  3. Aths says:

    The article on the key to literary success seems thought-provoking. I agree, there is a certain perception that builds up in the mind once you start to enjoy a few authors of a particular gender. But I guess there are a lot of female writers who are cutting greatly into the thriller market. I guess it’s been some time since I read a thriller by a male writer.

  4. Avid Reader says:

    @Aths: Have you read Chelsea Cain or Karin Slaughter? Both excel at writing thrillers just as good as their male counterparts (violence included).

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