Out with the Old and In With the New

Are we ready for the New Year yet? Hell, I am. This past year wasn’t a very good one for me personally but reading wise? I’ve discovered new authors this past year that I would like pimp just one last time along with some other stuff that you may or may not find interesting.

Nordic Crime Fiction Writers

This group of writers are thriving. What’s so special about them? Different locales and plotting come to mind first. But moving on.

Jo Nesbo. This year, I was impressed with Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole series set in Oslo, Norway(wiki so spoilers). Hat tip to Trisha for recommending him to me. What makes his books so compelling? They read like movies and as police procedurals, the stories are told on a global playing field. I’m always learning something from his books. He is an auto-buy.

The plots thus far have centered on revenge in it’s various incarnations. This character driven series isn’t completely translated to English yet but the few titles that are available like The Redbreast, The Devil’s Star and Nemesis should be available (or coming soon). I’ve found the next Harry Hole book to be released in the UK in March. Yes, I buy them from the UK because it seems to take for-evah to get to the U.S.

Other Mystery Writers I’ve Enjoyed in 2009

Christa Faust. Finally read “Money Shot” by Christa Faust who also has a sequel for it coming out next year titled Choke Hold. Thanks to Wendy for this rec. Faust writing is incredible but as a romance reader at heart, I say stay away unless you are prepared for the unpredictable and since this isn’t romance but crime fiction – no HEA. I did say her writing was incredible right?

Stuart Neville. Impressive debut with The Twelve (UK) or US version, The Ghosts of Belfast. Well plotted and heavy on the politics and the lead, Gerry Fegan is quite interesting. He’s an ex-contract killer being haunted by the ghosts of the people he’s killed. He’s looking for redemption.

Ken Bruen. Love Ken Bruen and he never fails to impress me. I’m up to book five now (and slowly reaching the finish line). His Jack Taylor series is what I’m reading now and the stories are set in Galway, Ireland. For several years I’d heard nothing but great things about Bruen and finally understand why he is so revered as a crime fiction writer. Awesome writer that I recommend most highly.

Ed McBain. Master wordsmith are two words that come to mind when describing McBain’s work. He was a great writer and I had the pleasure to read two of his books this past year that I enjoyed fully: The Pusher and Hark! that were apart of the longest running 87th Precinct series. Highly recommend him as well and I certainly plan to read more, too.

Crime Fiction I’ve Bought and Can’t Wait to Read

Another Nordic writer, Johan Theorin, has two books available (in “e” as well) and they are Echoes From the Sea and The Darkest Room. Can’t wait to read these stories set in Öland. It seems that crime fiction from over the pond is the hottest thing ever right now and I can see why.

Arnaldur Indridason Iceland mysteries featuring Inspector Erlendur Sveinnson, first book is Jar City and I’ve already started it so look for a review.

Stieg Larsson. The Millennium Trilogy has made the rounds. Everywhere you look and read, there’s a comment or a review about them positive and negative. From my small circle, I’ve heard the books are not all that great but the buzz surrounding these books has prompted Jane read the first book (and she rarely reads this kind of stuff). I bought the first two as well and plan to dive into them shortly.

Delays and Discontinued Series, Etc

If you’re reader, I’m sure you’ve come across a discontinued series or two in your travels this year. I just recently found out that the next entry in Dana Stabenow’s Liam Campbell series has been delayed. The author tweeted back to me that another project has taken its place for now. Well, we’ve waited this long for another book so what’s a few more years?

Was also disappointed to learn that Clinton McKinzie’s police procedural’s set in Wyoming were discontinued by his publisher. I enjoyed his novels that featured a peace officer in exile who loved mountain climbing. My favorites are dropping like flies here.

What Can You Expect in 2010?

I’m a romance reader at heart but will more than likely focus more on mystery titles with an emphasis on romance if it’s there. Some of the most compelling romantic subplots often are in…mysteries. That’s been my experience anyway. But as usual, I’ll read and post about what books I’ve enjoyed or not enjoyed. Will try to stick to a schedule as well. So consider this my last post for this year. I’m battling a cold will cut this short. But anyway, Happy New Year to you all. Appreciate your visiting and contributing your thoughts to my blog.

Oh yeah, look for sign-up for the 2010 TBR Challenge the next week with themes like last year. Ok, that’s it. I’m out of here. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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11 Responses to Out with the Old and In With the New

  1. Shannon C. says:

    I really liked the Stieg Larsson books. I’m still a mystery n00b, but for me the crimes weren’t the most fascinating parts of the books. I loved Larsson’s characters, and I’m sad that, after the third book, there will be no more.

  2. Marg says:

    Another Larsson fan here. The books may not be perfect, and may not be everybody’s cup of tea but I found them completely compelling and absorbing, with interesting characters and story lines.

  3. Avid Reader says:

    Hey, appreciate the feedback on Larsson guys. Can’t wait to read them.

  4. Renee says:

    I’ve had The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo queued up on my iTunes, but haven’t gotten to it yet. Hopefully, I’ll load it on my iPod in January, and it lives up to the hype.
    I haven’t read Jo Nesbo, but the books sound really interesting.
    I did see Kenneth Branagh in the excellent PBS production of Swedish writer Henning Mankell’s Wallander series.
    The one delay I was bummed about in this genre is for the next in Julia Spencer-Fleming’s Clare Fergusson’s series, which was delayed from this past fall/winter to next April. Fingers crossed that it will be released then!
    Mysteries are my old favorites. I read so many as a teenager, and just this year started reading more of them again.

  5. Avid Reader says:


    Swedish writer Hen­ning Mankell’s Wal­lan­der series

    Thanks for the reminder. I need to read his books as well. I’m with you the JSF delay. I’m sure it will be outstanding as usual.

  6. LauraD says:

    Another Larsson fangirl. Or more correctly, a Lisbeth Salander fangirl. To the point that I bought “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” from Amazon UK–but still haven’t read it because I don’t want the series to be over.

  7. Avid Reader says:

    @LauraD: With all the comments, I will move this book up. Anyone willing to give Jo Nesbo a try? Unfortunately, the bad side to recommending his books is that they are not being translated in order but two are available in paperback: The Redbreast and Nemesis. The Redeemer, unsure of it’s publication status.

  8. Jessica says:

    I am absolutely going to do the TBR challenge in 2010. Thanks to the ease of digital purchases, my TBR pile is immense.

    Happy New Year!

  9. farmwifetwo says:

    Arnal­dur Indri­da­son Ice­land mys­ter­ies fea­tur­ing Inspec­tor Erlen­dur Sveinn­son, first book is Jar City and I’ve already started it so look for a review.

    I find these to be “dark” but never trip into depressing. I have started purchasing them in pb.

    Helena Tursten is another you may enjoy… if they’d hurry up and translate more of them… sigh…

  10. Avid Reader says:


    Helena Tursten is another you may enjoy…

    Thanks for the heads up. I will see what she has available. I am just so excited for all the new authors I’ve bought and am excited to read next year.

  11. Trisha says:

    You’re welcome!

    Re: Money Shot, it’s pulp and it’s noir so was it really a surprise? I remember being a bit disappointed by the, er, spoiler thing, in that I was hoping for a more romance-ish ending, but I also thought it made sense in the context of the story.

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