Whatever Happened to Antoinette Stockenberg?

She’s written nothing since “Sand Castles” so I wonder what happened? For the unfamiliar, Antoinette Stockenberg wrote contemporary romances. Some of her earlier stuff had paranormal elements added to them. Usually it was a ghost or a spirit haunting a home or in one book, a doll house (I’m thinking but not quite sure on the latter but I do think it was a doll house).

stockenberg collage

I usually hate that paranormal stuff in a contemporary, but you know what? Reading her paranormal contemporaries like “Beyond Midnight” and “Embers” worked for me. It’s been years since I read those two novels but they still sit on my bookshelf.

I’ve collected her books when she was actively writing. Hate when good authors just up and disappear on me like this. No fear, however. I saved quite a few of her titles to enjoy for times like now. What did I like her about books? Well, for starters, her heroines were always so level-headed and mature. So responsible. All of her heroine(s) from the books I’ve read were like that. Honestly, there’s not a better way to describe them.

Her straight contemporaries were well written like “Keepsake” and “A Charmed Place.” I remember enjoying both of those. Forget which one of them was also surprisingly, very, very dark. I’d be hard pressed to say she wrote “romantic suspense” but those two books featured some type of scam artist or a family secret or a murder or two.

When you talk of contemporary authors, I immediately think of Stockenberg and well, Kathleen Eagle, among others. Those two wrote some of the best contemporary romances in the 90’s. Did anybody else read Stockenberg? I know I need to read more of the new writers of today but I’m hard pressed to just let go of the writers of the past. My loss, I’m sure but I’m working on that.

I miss Antoinette Stockenberg. When you do a quick search on Amazon, you’ll see mixed reviews on some of her stuff. I’ve still got “Emily’s Ghost” to read as well as “Safe Harbor” and yay for me when I need a nice contemporary read, I can grab one of those titles and dig in.


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7 Responses to Whatever Happened to Antoinette Stockenberg?

  1. Tee says:

    Oh, I loved Antoinette Stockenberg. She just seemed to drop off the shelves. I really don’t know what happened to her. In the last books I recall reading from her, she got a bit off track for me. But up to then, as you say, she wrote powerful stories with rich characters.

    Have you ever read Georgia Bockoven? She’s another one that paints deep characterizations. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anything out by her. She began with the slim books and then went mainstream. I could use a book right now by either of these two authors. They knew how to do it.

  2. SarahT says:

    I’d never even heard of Antoinette Stockenberg before I read your post! Although I’m enjoying her Regency mystery series, I wish C.S. Harris/Candace Proctor would write another historical romance.

  3. Avid Reader says:

    @Tee: Never read Georgia Bockoven but I have a few of her books in my stacks. I miss a lot of these rich long, meaty contemporary romances.

    @SarahT: oh yes, she was really good contemporary author. I’d recommend A Charmed Place or any of her early contemporary titles to you.

  4. Karen W. says:

    I enjoyed Antoinette Stockenberg’s books too. LOVED Georgia Bockoven. I miss other wonderful authors like Teresa Weir and Maggie Osborne too.

  5. Sybil says:

    Never read her… looks like her site was last updated nov 09 and there is no mention of writing. Going back in the newsletters it looks like she took a year off in 05-06?? after a death in the family. And she had a hard time writing… I would guess she either isn’t writing or when she decided to come back… well it hasn’t happened yet. There is an email addy there 😉

  6. Nicola O. says:

    I do remember Stockenberg for her time travel books. I seem to recall two or three of them? I would read her again, but she doesn’t stand out in memory other than the time travel thing.

  7. Avid Reader says:

    @Sybil: email addy with no response (actually it bounced back to me).

    @Nicola O.: I only mentioned her because I still have two or three good books from her left to read. I miss her writing. I thought she was doing pretty good.

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