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Best Of Lists…Crime Fiction

I’m a mystery reader, what can I say…and I love lists. Chalk this up as a “I can’t help myself.” rss

Best Crime Fiction of the Decade Sarah Weinman

Seattle Times 2009 List Best Crime Fiction of 2009

Notable Crime Books 2009 New York Times

CJ Box’s top 10 US Crime Novelists Who “own” Their Territory Love this list as I’ve read just about everybody on it.

It’s What’s Up Front That Counts The Rap Sheet’s annual crime fiction cover competition. I find the cover for Stuart Neville’s The Ghosts of Belfast quite striking but then nobody asked me.

What My Fellow Bloggers Are Up To

Jane wrote an excellent post about why delaying ebooks will not save trade publishing. As a consumer, I find this tactic by the publishers annoying to say the least but who am I but a lowly reader.

Well, looks like Jessica is hosting another book discussion this time featuring JR Ward’s Lover Awakened (Book 3) on Sun Jan 23 at 8 pm EST. Should be an interesting discussion of which I cannot participate in because I can’t stand JR Ward’s writing. Just looked at Amazon’s reviews and *whistles* over 295 reviews with an average rating of five stars. Wow.

Ok, that will have to be it for today. I have a great book I need to finish reading. It’s a mystery in case you’re wondering. I think I will alternate, mystery and romance for awhile to avoid burn out.


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5 Responses to Just Around the Way…(Links)

  1. SarahT says:

    Thanks for the links. There are several books on Sarah Weinman’s list which I haven’t read. I’ve made a note of those which sound interesting.

    Have you read the Stieg Larsson books? I must admit I never made it past the first twenty pages of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’.

  2. Jessica says:

    Five stars may be enough for the average author, but The Wharden needs at least 10. Squeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Wonder if Zsadist himself will show up. *faints*

    Ahem. Just getting into character for the Jan discussion. Thanks for the linkage, and the lists. Of the decade is pretty impressive. I might actually read one of those.

  3. Lynn Spencer says:

    Thanks for posting all the list links. So far, the main “Best of” list I’d seen so far was the one in the Wash. Post – not all that impressive.

    The Best of the Decade list looks intriguing. I’ve read a few on there(The Lincoln Lawyer most reccently) and really liked them all. I’ll have to try more.

  4. jmc says:

    Thanks for the links! Must read more from CJ Box’s list.

    WRT Ward, well, I’ve weaned myself from the crack. I was tempted today at Target and stood in the book aisle long enough to read the excerpt of the next book from the back of the current paperback. One complaint was the dialogue in the earlier books was too “young” for 400 y.o. vampires, but she seems to have swung in the opposite direction: the inner dialogue in the excerpt was way too formal and stilted for a 21 y.o. Editor, please?

  5. Keishon says:

    @SarahT: oh crap, don’t tell me that re Stieg Lars­son. I bought the two that were released in the US. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish it but you have me worried.

    @Jessica: Yes, start with Mystic River by Dennis Lehane. Would love to discuss that one with you someday. Freaking love that book.

    @Lynn Spencer: I read the Lincoln Lawyer and you know Connelly, he is just awesome. I haven’t read The Brass Verdict yet.

    @jmc: you should read Dennis Lehane. I love how that man writes. I cannot say he’s written a bad book yet (even though some might disagree with that assertion)

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