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Manga 2009 Gift Guides for Newbies and Fans

Are you a manga fan like me? Then you must check out the 2009 Great Manga Gift Guide. Several blogs participated in creating lists and you can view them all here.

Kindle Available & The Nook Is Not (Who Cares About Sony?)

B&N’s new ereader, the Nook is allegedly out of stock. According to B&N’s competitor, demos won’t even be in stores until the second week of December and even with that news, only high volume stores will get them. I visited my neighborhood B&N yesterday. What surprised me was that they have now set up a command center to advertise the device, right in front of the entrance where customers can’t miss them.

There’s a customer representative there to answer any questions you may have along with fliers and leaflets for customers to peruse over. I also noticed she had the plastic display of the Nook there but no real demo to fondle. She said they would have it next Friday. Like everyone else, I’m curious about the device but I have zero plans to purchase one. I already own a dedicated reader and it will have to suffice for now.

Mythical Apple Tablet

Everybody is talking about the mythical Apple Tablet. Even The Business Insider article, “Cool! Here’s What Sports Illustrated Will Look Like On The Apple Tablet, further whets people’s appetite. I am excited and yes, if it reads ebooks then I will certainly plunk down the funds for it. But I remain reserved and skeptical. It’s like waiting for the next Lisa Valdez novel. You’ve heard that it exists but no one has actually seen it yet.

New Purchases

I am reading but it’s a slow exercise of late. Stuff like work and family and Twitter continues to monopolize my spare time. No worries. I have plans in place that I plan to stick with that includes spending less time online and more time reading. It’s all about time management. All my life I’ve had issues with managing my time efficiently. Must work on that.

Anyway, I recently purchased some new books and if you have any feedback to relay to me on them please share. I recently bought Stephanie Tyler’s debut novel, Hard to Hold. It’s romantic suspense, I think. Title reminds me of that Rick Springfield movie.

God, how I loved that movie (no laughing). Looks like Tyler and her publisher are releasing the sequels back to back. So, she must be good, right? Also bought a set of historical mysteries by Alex Pepper, featuring a Bow Street Runner. Reading the reviews on Amazon you would think that Pyke, the lead character, ate little children for lunch. That’s it. If you’ve read this far, what books did you buy recently?


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6 Responses to Miscellany News

  1. Phyl says:

    Had to laugh over the comparison between the Apple Tablet and Lisa Valdez. It made me go check her website which hasn’t been updated since January. I wonder if those final 3 chapters got turned in….

  2. Avid Reader says:

    Hey Phyl, someone, somewhere has been putting someone with your name into the spam filter. Sorry about that. As for Lisa Valdez, get this. There’s been an unofficial release date of 4/6 being thrown around of late. Again, to anyone who tells me that Lisa Valdez has a new book coming out, to that I say: I’ll believe it when I actually see it.

  3. Phyl says:

    I always though WordPress hated me. All I know is that whenever I comment on a wordpress blog I wind up as spam. I even created a new email address but that didn’t help. I have no clue how to fix it. Sorry for the bother. Sigh. I’m kinda’ used to it, but it does make me think twice before I comment. At least blogger likes me :-;

    Meanwhile, April, huh? I’m with you on that one. Show me.

  4. SarahT says:

    Snap! I also bought ‘Hard to Hold’! I’ve been buying a lot of books lately. Sadly, most of them are intended as gifts. In addition to the Stephanie Tyler book, I bought Laura Griffin’s ‘Untraceable’. It seems December is the month for romantic suspense.

  5. Trisha says:

    Hey, I also bought the Stephanie Tyler book, in the same order as Laura Griffin’s Untraceable. (Haven’t read the Tyler yet, thought Untraceable wasn’t as good as Whisper of Warning.)

    And as for the Lisa Valdez, Berkley’s April 2010 catalog is showing the 4/6/10 pub date you mentioned…

  6. Brenda Sullivan says:

    I had to wait to get my Kindle, they were out of stock. However, I found this great service to track out of stock items on Amazon:


    It works!

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