Weekend Is Here, Finally!

news magazineBeen busy with life, work and reading. Meanwhile, here are some links of interest for you and hey, have yourselves a good weekend. I’m glad it’s finally here because, seriously, it’s been a long week.

Reader’s Have Copyright Rights Too at Dear Author. I have nothing to add. Said it all over there.

Rainwater by Sandra Brown (Nov. 3rd) I’m willing to give this one a try. I generally like her stuff so I will be checking my library.

Survey: Many Americans Now Plan to Work Past 67 Like we have a choice? People my age don’t even discuss retirement. We talk about working part-time.

Pepsi Pulls iPhone App After Criticism Yes. This! I remember reading about this app earlier this week (forget where it was) but anyway, Apple finally pulled the plug on AMP Up Before You Score, an app that’s supposed to help men “score with women.” I think the concept for this app went awry since it’s main goal was to promote an energy drink. If men need an app to help score with women, that’s really, really sad.

Have a good weekend!


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One Response to Weekend Is Here, Finally!

  1. Janicu says:

    Ug, I didn’t know about this Pepsi app. WTF, pepsi?! Stupidest idea ever.

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