Monday Morning's Bad Poetry (If You Can Call It That)

There once was a six-year old boy
who thought a hot air balloon was a toy
up, up, into the sky he went
or so we thought he went…
question markheh, the media didn’t speculate the logistics of such an event

Tax payers dollars at work to find + save him, go go go!
Hot air balloon fell to earth with no boy inside, oh no!
Haha, the joke was on us
he was inside his parent’s house the whole time, shame on us

You know word around town was that this was a media stunt..what?
Father wanted his own reality show but that deal is now dust…

This bad poetry post today was inspired by real life events of late.

Photo credit: Fontplaydotcom


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3 Responses to Monday Morning's Bad Poetry (If You Can Call It That)

  1. SarahT says:

    It’s an absolute disgrace. At the very least, the parents should have to pay for the expense of the search and rescue operation. Better still, they should go to jail. I am totally against kids being allowed on reality TV. If adults want to make asses of themselves, fine. But kids should not be subjected to that. It’s NOT the same as being a child actor.

  2. Avid Reader says:

    My feelings EXACTLY, SarahT. Throw both their asses in jail.

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