A New Dexter Book and Promo Website for Gretchen Lowell Fans

Fan site for Gretchen Lowell aka The Beauty Killer

After recently reading Chelsea Cain’s latest thriller, Evil at Heart, I never did check to see if the publicity info inside the story surrounding beautiful serial killer aka “beauty killer” Gretchen Lowell was actually clickable like the IHeartGretchenLowell website. OMG, the site is HILARIOUS (in a morbid way). I bet they had a lot of fun putting it together, too. Chelsea Cain has a great sense of humor that shows in her books. Anyway, click away or check out the site and the fun promo stuff. I didn’t see anything that could spoil the book for you.

On that same note, via GalleyCat, the model for Chelsea Cain’s Gretchen Lowell is a local muscian who goes by Storm Large and you can read more here. I don’t think she veers too much away from what I think Gretchen Lowell might actually look like.

Jeff Lindsay Has A New Book Coming Out This Month!

I’ve read two Dexter books of his: Darkly, Dreaming Dexter and Dearly, Devoted Dexter. Both books are fast reads. Both books are darkly humerous with an antihero who is a serial killer whose self-appointed task is to rid Miami, Florida of the scions of the earth. Jeff Lindsay also has a fourth book coming out this month, Dexter By Design. BTW, I am skipping the third book in the series, Dexter in the Dark, since people I respect and others online say that the book went completely off course (however that link to B&N shows quite a few positive reviews).

There’s also a Showtime series that is based on the books but just like the HBO series, True Blood, the tv shows share almost little to none with the books that inspired them.

The first link was found via @MomentsofCrime, a handle for Minotaur Books that I follow on Twitter.


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2 Responses to A New Dexter Book and Promo Website for Gretchen Lowell Fans

  1. Cathy C says:

    I’m wondering why the Dexter books cost so much?

  2. Avid Reader says:

    @Cathy C: I’d get them from the library. Sure price hike is due to the popularity of the TV series.

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