New Romances Added To Digital Catalog While A Few Remain Missing

Finally Meredith Duran’s two historicals will be added to the digital catalog: BOUND BY YOUR TOUCH which is already out was just released in two formats at Fictionwise (mobi and ereader) and WRITTEN ON YOUR SKIN which releases in same two formats on July 28th. Better late than never I say and still no DUKE OF SHADOWS to add to the digital catalog and what a shame as her debut was quite impressive.

I don’t usually buy dead tree books if it’s not in ebook and I tend to scream “lost sale” a lot at everybody but I did go and buy a print copy of Duran’s BOUND BY YOUR TOUCH. It’s rare but it does happen. What’s still missing from the digital catalog is Jennifer Ashley’s THE MADNESS OF LORD IAN MACKENZIE, publisher is Leisure. Lost sale.

Are there books you’re looking for that haven’t made it to the nearest ebook store yet? Those were the two titles (by Duran) that I was anticipating and every once in while I’ll look for the Ashley book. Interest is waning though. Update I know there is a Kindle ebook of the Ashley book but I don’t buy Kindle ebooks and typically will disregard this format. Thanks.


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3 Responses to New Romances Added To Digital Catalog While A Few Remain Missing

  1. Robin F says:

    I feel the same way. I was very pleased to see the Duran books. I actually emailed Kensington about the Jennifer Ashley book which they said was available in the Sony store and for Kindle. This doesn’t help me as I live in the UK and so can’t access the sony store and I don’t have a Kindle or IPhone. It is very frustrating, if the book isn’t available via fictionwise or books on board I generally can’t order it.

  2. Avid Reader says:

    Hi Robin F: The Lord Ian book seems to be available at the Kindle ebook but I don’t use that format. I didn’t see it at the Sony store.

  3. Robin F says:

    They did say they had plans to release their ebooks through more stores, but I am not expecting anything soon.

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