Monday News

People who like to say “Happy Monday” – are they really that cheerful, do you think? Moving on. Here are an assorted selection of news topics that I ran across the net recently.

glasses and paperKeishon is still reading UNDONE by Karin Slaughter. Although the book is good, she spent most of Sunday with friends and family and didn’t get much reading done until late in the evening. The review might be up Tuesday or Wednesday. #readingdeadlinefail

Jane from Dear Author wrote up a nice summary of the RWA09 conference. I’m told that the next conference will be held in Nashville, TN in 2010. I know I said that I wouldn’t want to ever attend but am seriously thinking about going next year.

Also, Katiebabs did her write-ups on RWA09 as well and shared some photos. Loved it, thanks. Other peeps twittered the event using hashtag #rwa09.

In the category of author’s being seen in a positive light – Neil Gaiman is “32 flavors of awesome” according to the Savage Critics. I love reading stories like this. Sounds like Gaiman is truly a class act.

Over at the Booksmugglers, Ana and Thea are having a YA Appreciation Month where they will be reviewing YA titles up to August 15th. Apropos as I forget which one of them finally read all three books in Megan Whalen Turner’s THE THIEF series. Yes, her books are that good. I’ve only been screaming to everybody to read her books for the past two years now (or somewhere close to that).

On a more somber note, news legend Walter Cronkrite died at age 92. He wasn’t apart of my generation but I do know he was the voice of the first man to ever walk on the moon and he shed the tears of most Americans when JFK was assassinated. RIP.


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4 Responses to Monday News

  1. Amy says:

    I was at the book signing at RWA ’09 and was absolutely in awe (also the reason why I didn’t have a TBR challenge post). Everyone is so nice and meeting your favorite authors face-to-face is….well, words fail me. One thing I might note, since this was my first time ever to a romance fiction convention of any sort, I was a bit intimidated to go up to some of these authors because I’m not exactly a fast reader. So, you might say that I have definitely not caught up on the ol’ TBR. I was afraid that would become apparent when I talked to them, so I only stuck to a few…

  2. Avid Reader says:

    Hey Amy,

    Sounds good! I would to meet you and many other bloggers if I ever do go to one of these things. From what I’ve see from the photos and read from readers who attended, it sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. Amy says:

    Keishon, I hope to go to RWA ’10 or the RT convention in Columbus. Especially now since all the pics I took – and there wasn’t a ton – at the book signing have been deleted by my well-meaning husband. *sigh* I even had a pic of me with Nora Roberts. To his credit, he feels like a total heel, especially since he thought he’d transferred them over to the computer.

  4. Amy says:

    ETA — I was able to retrieve my RWA pics, so the hubster is a safe man today.

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