R&B Singer, Usher Files For Divorce

Court Records: Singer Usher Files For Divorce (via ABC News)

R&B singer Usher filed for divorce Friday from Tameka Foster Raymond, less than two years after their glitzy wedding at a Georgia resort

I guess the thrill is gone already, huh?


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4 Responses to R&B Singer, Usher Files For Divorce

  1. Tee says:

    The people in Hollywood and the entertainment fields live in a world unlike any other on the Planet Earth. It is their own little world and they make up all the rules as they go along. Why anyone there even bothers to get married is what baffles me. The question I have when I see a marriage announcement that involves any actor or entertainer is how long will this one last. Sounds cynical, but, unfortunately, also true. There are the few in this entertainment forum who defy my general statement and make a go of it in spite of all the challenges; but it’s a very small number indeed.

  2. SarahT says:

    What Tee said. I’m skeptical of any and all celeb marriages. If a couple manages to stay together for a few years it can be considered an enormous success by Hollywood standards.

  3. Avid Reader says:

    While I was reading that article, I had to ask myself: has it really been almost two years since they were married? Who’s next? Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon? But who cares? I found it amusing and typical. Celebs do live another world where their egos are overly inflated and constantly stroked.

  4. senetra says:

    His mama warned him about her, and he chose her over his mama.

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