TBR Challenge is Next Wednesday, May 20th

calendarIt’s that time again for our monthly TBR challenge! The theme is “unrequited love” or “friends to lovers” which are two of my favorites themes in romance. The one book that I can remember enjoying for unrequited love theme is Connie Brockway’s As You Desire which is set in Egypt. For a story that incorporates both themes, Remember The Time by Annette Reynolds which is a straight contemporary romance novel. Yes, both titles are quite dated but are still worth reading. I’m sure there are more recent titles out there that are worth a mention. If you have a moment, share some titles with other readers that you’ve enjoyed that incorporates one or both of these themes in the comments below. As per usual, if you do not care for themes, just pick a book out of your stockpile and review it with us on May 20th.


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16 Responses to TBR Challenge is Next Wednesday, May 20th

  1. Phyl says:

    I have the Brockway!!! I’ll read that one and then I won’t have to think about it. Cool.

  2. SarahT says:

    I keep meaning to sign up for the TBR challenge but it’s now May, so probably a bit late.

    This is also one of my favourite themes. I recently read Sarah Mayberry’s ‘Anything for You’ which is an excellent example of a ‘Friends to Lovers’ romance.

  3. Shannon C. says:

    So… I had a book for this challenge already, and then I kind of, um, read it already. Oops. That’s one of my favorite themes, too, but I don’t have any of the books mentioned yet.

  4. Kara says:

    I am going to be reading The Kissing Game by Suzanne Brockmann. It is a friends to lovers theme.

  5. Amy says:

    I’ve hunted high and low in my TBR for a book that meets the qualifications, and finally came across Courting Miss Hatti by Pamela Morsi. Go, me! I’ve had this one on my mountain since the beginning of time AND it fits the bill!

  6. ag says:

    hmm … does imaginary friend to lover count? I just finished Sundays at Tiffany’s by James Patterson, and the heroine has long had a BIG crush on an imaginary friend.

  7. Taja says:

    If I every come across a copy of Annette Reynolds Remember the Time, I’ll buy it without thinking about it – it so often gets recommended as a very good book with a “friends to lovers” theme.

  8. Avid Reader says:

    @Taja – Remember the Time was Ms. Reynold’s one and only book. I loved that book and I loved the ending. It is kind of melodramatic but an excellent book.

    @ag – imaginary friends? Sure, review it. I’m curious about the story.

    @SarahT – sent you an email and no it’s never too late to join.

    @Shannon C – there has to be something you can read even if it’s not a friends to lover or unrequited love theme?

    @Amy – I LOVED Courting Miss Hattie. You are in for a treat and I can’t wait to read your review of it. Loved, loved, loved that book. Unfortunately, it’s the only one of hers that I’ve read.

    @Kara – never read that Brockmann title so I will be reading your review of it.

    @Phyl – the hero in As You Desire made the book for me. It is a good book (rated it a B) and hope you enjoy it!

  9. Janine says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I’m about halfway through the book I chose. The beginning was a little slow going, but it’s getting better in the middle.

  10. sally906 says:

    I have already done the May book – The School for Heiresses by Sabrina Jeffries et al – review is up on my blog. Is a book of short historical romance stories The one that fits the bill for this month’s theme is ‘The Merchant’s Gift’ by Julia London – definitely friends to lovers 🙂

  11. Amy says:

    I put up my review of Courting Miss Hattie earlier today (thanks for stopping by, Keishon!). Now if I knew how to do those adorable little links in HTML, I’d link y’all to it in this comment…*sigh*

  12. ReneeW says:

    Yay, I got mine done this month. But I couldn’t find a book in my TBR stack with that theme. It’s more of a enemies to lovers theme. Here is my review: http://reneereads.blogspot.com/2009/05/tbr-challenge-review-breathless-by.html

  13. Jenn says:

    Mine is up as well, just a day late.

    I will have to read the other after I get home from work.

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