Triptych (Will Trent Series No.1), Karin Slaughter

tripytch-by-karin-slaughterTriptych by Karin Slaughter is the first book in the mystery series featuring Will Trent. This is a guest review from a reader friend of mine, Melanie. I plan to read this book soon in anticipation of Undone (2009) coming in July.


Will Trent, a Georgia Bureau of Investigation detective is sent by his superior to help the local police department in Decatur, Ga. to catch a possible serial killer who is killing young girls and biting off their tongues. Will Trent is considered to be the best detective in the GBI office and has the highest percentage of clearing cases than anyone else in his department. Trent has a handicap that no one but his sometime girlfriend and supervisor knows about.

From the start, the local lead detective, Detective Michael Ormewood resents Trent’s involvement with his case. Michael Ormewood is considered a good detective by his peers and very well respected. He has been on the Decatur Police Department Force about 15 years. Michael views Trent as unconventional from the way he dress, to the way he talks as they investigate the last murder of a hooker found dead in the hallway of a Grady apartment building.

The author uses flashbacks to give the reader an insight into Michael Ormewood’s character. Ormewood’s childhood was intermingled with drugs and cruelty. His hatred of his cousin John changed many lives. Michael’s and John’s mothers were sisters. Michael’s influence on his cousin John lead John to make some bad choices which eventually landed John in prison for murder before he finished high school.

Will’s sometimes girlfriend , Angie, who is also a Decatur Police vice squad cop, tells Will just enough information on Michael and about her short involvement with him when she and Michael worked together to make Will dislike him. Will feels uncomfortable with how Michael is handling the case. When Michael’s young neighbor is found between his house and hers with her neck broken and her tongue cut out, it appears as though the killer is trying to send a message to Michael.

As the story unfolds it becomes a page turner for me because I know things about Michael that I need Trent to know in a hurry. I have never been a nail biter, but with this book there were times…

I found Ms. Slaughter’s novel’s title, Triptych – “Etymology: Greek triptychs having three folds”, very catchy. She has given Will Trent’s character vulnerabilities that make you want to hold and protect him. I am hooked on Will. Until next time. I rate this book a very good B+ read. The second book in the series is Fractured and is in currently available in hardcover.


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2 Responses to Triptych (Will Trent Series No.1), Karin Slaughter

  1. Tee says:

    Great synopsis, Melanie. I too thoroughly enjoyed Triptych and immediately became fascinated by Will’s character. Fractured is also an excellent read and I am very much looking forward to Undone which will apparently combine the Grant County series into this one. I believe Slaughter has drawn as realistic a character in Will that an author can. When I think I can feel his emotions, I consider that “damn good.”

  2. Jennygirl says:

    Great review Melanie. I don’t read too many detective novels, but if there is that much suspense, how can I resist.

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