Most Expensive E-reader?

news-with-glassesThis could probably be the most expensive ebook reader, ever. Just read where Fujitsu has come out with a color e-reader called, the FLEPia, to be released in Japan for $1,000. Here we are complaining about e-readers here costing on the high end $300-$500 and here we have a color e-reader on the market only in Japan, mind you, going for $1,000? Folks, are we going in the wrong direction or what, price-wise, with these devices?

The FLEPia:

Weighing less than a pound, the e-reader uses the latest no- glare e-ink technology to render text as clearly as a printed page. Flepia displays 260,000 colors, good enough to display magazine like graphics. With up to 40 hours of continuous battery operation when fully charged, like other e-readers on the market it does not require power for continuous display of a screen image, consuming power only during re-draw. When used with a 4GB SD card, the color e- paper terminal can store the equivalent of 5,000 conventional paper based, 300-pages-long books.

The company plans to release this device to the US among others sometime next year or later. From everything I’ve read thus far and seen thus far, this device looks like a trumped up, expensive ass Kindle to me. And what’s with that name? The FLEPia? Let’s test it out: I’m reading on my new FLEPia. Nah, it just doesn’t have the same ring to like: I’m reading on my new Sony Reader. It seems to me, as a consumer, that these companies are trumpeting each other over technology and ignoring the average, working class with that price tag. We just need a ebook reader that is reasonably priced and compatible with every format available with an added touch of goodness that makes reading on these things so worth it. ¿Comprende?


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6 Responses to Most Expensive E-reader?

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  2. mems says:

    Sigh…they couldn’t leave newspapers alone, now they have to do this with books as well? E-readers are so not for me. I enjoy the old-fashioned freedom of flipping pages at my own leisure…

  3. Avid Reader says:

    Bet once you try reading on a digtal device, you’ll change your mind about that. I used to say the same thing before I started reading on my Pocket PC. Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Adrian says:

    Totaly agree – eReaders need a sensible price point.

    If they were £50 I would have bought 3! one for me, wife and son!

    Why is eInk so expensive?

  5. Avid Reader says:

    Adrian: Totaly agree — eRead­ers need a sen­si­ble price point.If they were £50 I would have bought 3! one for me, wife and son!Why is eInk so expensive?

    I say wait on buying a e-reader device these days. They are still in the tryingtofigurethisout mode. E-ink price is driven by the technology behind it. But Sony just recently announced that it will be launching two different types of ereaders that are more affordable.

  6. Adrian says:

    Agree about “trying to figure this out” mode….

    I’m thinking that far more work is being done on OLED displays – they have far more potential than eInk. Ok they need a bit more battery – but not much! COLOUR, SPEED, CONTRAST, EVEN RES.

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