Kindle 2.0 Threat to the Comic Book Industry?

Here’s an interesting theory about the economical impact the new Kindle 2.0 will have on the comic book industry or the publishing industry if you care to expand it even further. Briefly scanning the article, I was thrilled to read that industry leaders in the field of comics are exploring the possibility of using e-devices. That would be awesome. But check this out, in the article there is yet another rumor/talk about Apple creating a e-device:

“Do you think Apple’s going to let Amazon have hegemony over that method of delivery, over that level of content? If they can deliver hi-def movies on a little iPod, do you think they’re not going to very quickly figure out how to make color, non-movable images appear on a screen?” Cunningham said.

“If, as the rumor is going around now that one of Apple’s big innovations they’re looking for in fall ’09 is a seven-by-nine iPod Touch, which is essentially Kindle sized, that’s going to happen faster than it’s going to happen sooner.”

Can you imagine a seven-by-nine color screen that can read comics? Or displaying those nice covers of your ebook library? I would be in heaven. This would be so awesome.

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9 Responses to Kindle 2.0 Threat to the Comic Book Industry?

  1. Renee says:

    Man, if that’s true, it’ll be another device to lust over!

    However, as much as we’re gadget geeks in our house, I don’t see my husband giving up his comic books. He already reads a lot online, but –as the boxes and boxes in our house will attest to –print comics will always have it’s own place.

  2. Aymless says:


    Hopefully it will be cheaper than the Kindle… no great hope of that but one can dream!

  3. Avid Reader says:

    Hey Renee! I hear you, I just bought more print comics to read this weekend.

    Aymless: drool…Hopefully it will be cheaper than the Kindle… no great hope of that but one can dream!

    Cutting edge technology on the cheap? Not likely but like you said, one can hope.

  4. WordNerd says:

    Great overview of this – and thank you for covering it, honestly – I’ve been freaked out about the comic book industry, to say the least. And not only do I fear the heck out of Kindle, I’m afraid that, with book prices needing to go up to keep the industry afloat, I’m not going to be able to afford all the stuff I want to read.

    I don’t want digital! I want paper and I want the feel, smell, and comfort of holding a real book in my hands. So what are my options? Anyone have any suggestions/advice on a cheap way to keep REAL comic books alive?? I’m looking into rental/borrow/swap sites….specifcally BookSwim….3 books a month for 10 bucks – I can do this, but I just kind of want to know if anyone else has had any experience using it. It’s gotten really positive reviews, but I’d trust my peers more than anything. I’m a huge “local shop” supporter, but in these times I’ve having a really hard time fueling my CB habit.

  5. steve says:

    What about the value of comics? What value will Superman #1000 (Kindle version) ever have??? Something to think about!

  6. Avid Reader says:

    That’s the beauty of digital ebooks – accessibility. Thanks Steve.

  7. DareDevil says:

    I recently bought a Kindle 2.0 for my daughter, but she will never use it to it’s capacity. Having a lot of free time now (retired early and living the life in a country with lots of lazy beaches) and having been an avid Marvel collector as a kid, I would love to get the dozens of subscriptions I used to have delivered via Kindle! Would be awesome to also get the issues I missed since I stopped collecting (~1990), too.

    If anyone runs across such a service for Kindle, please let me know here.

  8. Jim says:

    The companies like DC and Marvel should be readily move to this format, but what I worry about is the brick and mortar stores that sell comic books. Not Borders or Barns and Nobles, but the geek safe haven outside of his mom’s basement. I have a good rapport with my comic book shop; they know me, I know them, we spend time chatting about things besides comics, they look out for the comics and items they think I’d be interested in and set them aside for me. I travel to another city to get to my shop when there are 3 shops closer; I like these guys the most. But I’m torn because I’d love to not have all those comics taking up space (minus the few I want to keep), or deal with the one’s I don’t want anymore, and to not have to take an hour out of my free time driving to my shop and back, but I’d miss my shop, those guys, and knowing that they’re happiness of providing a service to likeminded people is dashed because of digitized medium would just suck.

  9. Avid Reader says:

    @Jim: I understand your conflict Jim. I really do. There’s a comic bookstore that I frequent and get good recs from, too. Like you said, these guys know good comics and are always ready to recommend titles to me. Since the iPad came out, I’ve been downloading a lot of the Marvel and Dynamite comics. Finally read all of Hunter Killers which was GREAT. But yeah, I hope we can have both but the indie stores will be hit the hardest with the digital revolution. Sucks.

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