The Last TBR Challenge for 2008 is This Wednesday

My friends and fellow readers, I’d like to remind you that this Wednesday, December 17, is our very last TBR Challenge for this year. Yes, time flies when you’re having fun. Of course I missed the last two challenges and I may well miss the last one but let’s just say that I’m working on it, k?

I know all of you hung in there because of your need to finish or to accomplish something great like tackling that TBR pile of yours that you’ve had for x amount of years. Of course, there is the $100 Amazon Gift Card to reward the lucky reader who kept up month to month, starting in March 08, when our challenge officially began.

The rules clearly state that if there is more than one reader (of which we have several), there will be a drawing. I will simply pick a number at and announce my winner on Dec 31, 2008. Even though I can only reward one reader with a gift card, you all who made it to the finish line are all winners and I am thrilled silly that many of you stuck with it.

TBR Challenge 2009

I plan to carry on with the challenge for next year and have some ideas where we can try something different. More on that later. Meanwhile, share with the other readers what books you’ve discovered and enjoyed from this year’s challenge. This is your time to highlight what books languished in your towering TBR pile for years before you picked it up and found out it was a keeper or at least deserving of a shout out to other readers to take notice. The biggest find for me? The Sookie Stackhouse books.


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12 Responses to The Last TBR Challenge for 2008 is This Wednesday

  1. G says:

    I started reading your blog too late for this year’s challenge, but U want to join for 2009 as a motivator for starting to get through my TBR (not pile, bookcase!). I seem to keep reshuffling and certain books never get near the top half. It’s like an albatross around my neck.

  2. Phyl says:

    Whether I win or not, I have to say thanks for the challenge. Besides the perk of actually seeing my pile shrink, it’s been excellent discipline for me. And I’ve found some great blogs to follow as well. I’ve read a bunch of very interesting reviews I might have missed otherwise. I’ll be following along right into the new year.

  3. Jennygirl says:

    I just recently started following your blog. It’s great btw.
    The TBR challenge is a great idea and I would love to join for 2009. My TBR list keeps growing, and at this rate I’ll never get to it. This challenege would be perfect.

  4. Kailana says:

    Maybe I will actually be able to do this one next year…. I just wasn’t reading this year, so it just didn’t happen!

  5. Li says:

    I have actually written and scheduled my TBR post already *shock horror*

    Best find for me this year has been Neil Gaiman. I’ve been meaning to read his books forever, and I’m glad I finally did.

    Also, like Phyl, I’ve loved reading other people’s reviews and seeing what hidden gems they’ve come across. It’s been fun and I’m definitely up for 2009!

  6. ames says:

    Thanks for this challenge Keishon! I definitely discovered some great books gathering dust in my tbr pile. I’m for sure doing this again next year.

  7. LesleyW says:

    I wish I was so organized. Still have mine to write. Though I did finish the book in good time this month. šŸ™‚

  8. KristieJ says:

    I’ve really enjoyed this challenge too Keishon!! Though a couple of times I’ve made it by the skin of my teeth (including this month – I’m just about to post mine) I’ve read some really great books. And I look forward to 2009.
    Thanks for challenging us all!!

  9. Renee says:

    Been following TBR 2008 at KristieJ’s Ramblings on Romance, etc. I’d love to participate in 2009! Looking forward to hearing more about it.

    My TBR shelf is calling! šŸ™‚

  10. Avid Reader says:

    I’m glad most of you found some great reads and I am looking forward to reading more of your reviews for 2009! I’m happy to hear that this has been a fun challenge for you all. We’ll just continue the fun into the new year.

    As for the contest, I’ve updated my TBR Info page to add the names of those readers who qualify for the drawing which will be held on Dec 31. Make sure to check there to see if you’re name is on the list and email me if you have any questions, thanks.

  11. Sarai says:

    Okay my last comment got eaten but I wanted to thank you for a wonderful challenge and I wish the runner ups lots of luck!!! Also can’t wait for next years to see what you come up with!
    THanks again!

  12. Christine says:

    Hi Keishon.
    Thanks so much for organizing this challenge. My intentions were good… but somewhere after the fifth month or so, I lost my focus and fell off the TBR Challenge bandwagon. Ha!

    I’m glad you’re doing the challenge again in 2009. When I did post in time, I felt like I accomplished something great and also really enjoyed going around seeing what everyone else read for that month.

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