REVIEW: 'Lady Incognito' by Courtney Ryan (Series)

Lady Incognito (1987) by Courtney Ryan was apart of a now defunct imprint called Second Chance At Love where stories focused on well, second chances.

Linda Mowery, one of many reviewers with The Romance Reader was my reading twin. Almost everything she reviewed, I bought, read and enjoyed. She had rarely steered me wrong.

We corresponded by email several times and I forget what made me ask her for recommendations but she gave me rec’s for titles that were at that time, difficult to find from the SCAL line for author’s Jeanne Grant, a pen name for Jennifer Greene who still writes today and Courtney Ryan.

Lady Incognito, SCAL#303 is a title Linda recommended to me and needless to say, 21 years after it was first published, it still reads pretty well. I also like this author’s voice and this is my second foray into her backlist.

Those readers who enjoy stories that feature librarians – well, here’s one for you. Alex Duffy is a 27 year old woman who has had a interesting life. She started out as an actress, playing a “bitch on wheels” on a soap opera for six years that won her three Emmy Awards. Then she up and threw in the towel. Her character was so convincing on screen that people on the street often mistake her for the bitch she plays on TV.

The attack in her hotel room one fateful night made Alex leave Hollywood to disappear into obscurity in a small town in Arizona. She’d married and divorced her agent, decided to put her library science degree to use and took up the job of being the local librarian.

Attending a best friend’s wedding in Las Vegas in disguise, she meets up with Chad Delaney, a handsome, restless young bachelor looking for adventure and love.

Here’s some info on Chad: he comes from a family of money but runs a modestly successful construction company. Chad is a guy who gets bored easy. He’s always looking for something different and new. He spots Alex while she is “incognito” at a casino where she ends up winning $10, 000 from the slot machine. But in order to avoid being noticed, she leaves the money with Chad. They manage to bump into each other again and by circumstance, this leads them to a brief road romance.

While the romance is nice, I am not one to enjoy the mushy stuff for long. I skimmed over all the repetitive “she melted, his hands trembled, her heart tripped over” sentences/paragraphs.

Overall, for a straight up contemporary romance that is 21 years old, this was a fun read. Chad is the pursuer in here and I tend to enjoy those types of romances. Oh, there is a bit of a suspense thread where a person from Alex’s past seems to be stalking her. Then there is usual conflict in the form of Alex’s wanting to retain her independence and the eventual intervention/advice from friends and family to help her see the light. This was my first romance in quite sometime. It was not a perfect read but it was an entertaining one. B-.


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