TBR Day Is This Wed, Sept. 17

Just a reminder that TBR Day is this Wednesday, Sept 17.

I don’t think I will be joining you on this one since I haven’t had time to read anything before or after the arrival of Hurricane Ike. I have one foot out the door to go to work this morning as I write this. What I will do instead of posting a review is list the readers who have participated each month up till now.

Even if you have skipped a month, I would still look forward to you posting your reviews of books you discovered from your TBR piles. I want to also encourage those readers who have yet to participate to post a review as well. This is voluntary after all and a contest for those who stick with it from month to month. I may try to find something quick, maybe a Diane Palmer, who knows.


About Keishon

Voracious reader of just about everything.
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2 Responses to TBR Day Is This Wed, Sept. 17

  1. Li says:

    Hey, glad that you made it through safely.

    I admit I’m struggling with this one as well – may squeeze in a read tonight and then a write-up tomorrow, we’ll see!

  2. Lisa says:

    I just finished up my review and set it to post in the morning! I hope you aren’t too wet and soggy from the hurricane.

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