Weather: Bracing for Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike heads for Galveston

Hurricane Ike heads for Galveston

Have you heard enough about storm surges yet? Hurricane Ike as of this writing is still a category 2 hurricane with threats of becoming a category 3.

There has been nothing of import to share only that the winds gusts have kicked up. No rain.

Most of the pharmacies closed early around the north part of Houston. As well as Wal-Mart, Kroger and McDonalds (your 24 hours stores). It looked like a ghost town (nah, not really). I was surprised at how many businesses were closed early. I guess the lessons were learned from Hurricane Katrina.

One of the problems with storms like this is the gas gouging. The attorney general posted a phone number on the TV screen with a phone number to report such activity. A cousin in Atlanta called me to say that they’re already gas gouging there. Good thing I filled up early. Anyway, if there is more to report, I will. Edited: Here is an article about gas gouging in other states.

My goodness, they’ve revived Texan, Dan Rather, to give his thoughts on the “colossal” storm for CNN.

via ABC news

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