Stephen King Offers Comic Book Video of Short Story Online Until Aug 29th

Here is yet another online promotion targeted to online readers and it’s a good one. Stephen King’s upcoming short story collection, Just After Sunset, will feature a comic adaptation of one short story from the upcoming collection, titled, “N.” You can access the videos online at and it looks to be 25 different episodes running at 2 minutes in length each. A new “episode” will be available every “weekday” until August 29th. You can also purchase the comic book video from iTunes and Amazon and it seems to be available to download on cell phones as well. Just After Sunset doesn’t come out until November 11, 2008. The comic book video is brought to you by the partnership between Marvel, CBSMobile and Scribner. Here a brief snyop of N

The online version of N., King’s 54-page story about a psychologist whose obsessive-compulsive patient is entranced by a mysterious plot of land, is a hybrid of several media, using images, music and voices. [snip]

I have yet to access the site. I’ve tried twice at two different times and cannot play the video and I have a broadband connection. Ok, I finally got it up and working and will send tweets on my experience.


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