REVIEW: End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies About the End of the World by Sylvia Browne and Lindsay Harrison

“I’ve been asked hundreds if not thousands of times when I see this World coming to an end. It’s interesting that rarely does anyone ask how I see it ending.” Excerpt: END of DAYS.

End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies About the End of the World by Sylvia Browne and Lindsay Harrison

The End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies About the End of the World (2008) by Sylvia Browne and Lindsay Harrison is an overview of all the religions of the world and predictions of things to come. This book focuses on predictions, prophecies and the end of the world. The first seven chapters is a lesson in religious history and what beliefs they are based on. Each religion is defined and whatever prophecy (ies) associated with it is/are discussed.

Some ancient civilizations, such as the Incas and Mayan are also discussed and mentioned along with the disappearance of the city of Atlantis. Prophecies from Michel de Nostradamus, Charles Taze Russell, the founder and leader of the Jehovah Witnesses to the psychic, Jean Nixon are discussed.

Charles Russell predicted, “The final end of the kingdoms of this world, and the full establishment of the Kingdom of God, will be accomplished by the end of A.D. 1914.” As we can testify, the planet earth is still revolving on its axis!

The prophecies of Nostradamus have been given more credence. His prophecies have been studied for centuries. People have been amazed at his accuracy. His predictions alluding to September 11, 2001 – “Out of the country of Greater Arabia shall be born a strong master of Muhammad… He will enter Europe wearing a blue turban. He will be the terror of mankind. From the sky will come the great King of Terror. He will bring back to life the King of the Mongols; Before and after war reigns. The sky will burn at forty-five degrees. Fire approaches the great new city. By fire he will destroy their city, a cold and cruel heart, Blood will pour, Mercy to none.”

Need I say what city he is talking about here?

Jean Dixon with some controversy predicted that a Democratic president would be assassinated in 1960 and when asked would Robert Kennedy become president, she said no.

The Fatima prophecies started on May 13, 1917. Most of us have seen the movie, Our Lady of Fatima. Our Lady of Fatima is a movie based on a true story about the appearance of the Virgin Mary in the small town of Fatima, Portugal. Three little children were out playing in a hollow near Fatima when they saw a flash in the sky and a woman appeared to them. She told them “I came from Heaven to ask that you come here for six months in succession, on the thirteenth day succession, at this same hour. (12:00 noon). At that time I will tell you who I am and what I want.”

The children told their parents who did not believe them. When word got out that, the children had seen the Virgin Mary, crowds by the thousands descended on the small town. Even though the people followed the children each time to see the Virgin Mary, they could not see her until the last appearance so that everyone would believe.

Virgin Mary wanted a chapel built in the hollow near Fatima. She gave three prophecies: The first prophecy was that World War I would soon end, and it did. In the second prophecy, she spoke about Russia and the start of World War II. In addition, the third prophecy “was written down and sealed in an envelope. It was given to a Portuguese bishop with instructions that it wasn’t to be opened and read until after 1960.” The book mentions what was in the note.

Chapter Seven: The End of Days Through My Eyes – “As a psychic, I can see clearly through the end of this century. Beyond that, nothing.” Ms. Browne states, “It’s as if sometime during the year 2100, the lights go out – not for the planet, but for us humans…”

Her predictions are broken down by segments of years, such as 2008-2020, 2010-2050, and 2050 to end of days and beyond. Predictions about future U.S. Presidents, cures for major diseases and in later years the return of some of the old diseases like Smallpox and Polio. There will be a cure for the common cold. Cures will be found for some of our most dreaded diseases. The changes to the Earth’s surface will change how humans live on this planet, just to name a few things prophesied for the future.

We are all travelers from the “Other-Side”. The Other-Side is where God is. It is our Heaven. When we die we go to the Other Side. However, because we want to be the best that we can be learn from new experiences that will contribute to growth, some souls elect to return to Earth again and again through rebirth.

I purchased this book for Chapters 7 and 8. Everything before these chapters I give credit to Lindsay Harrison for the research. The preceding chapters were more detailed than was necessary for this type of book. All one want to know is when the world is coming to an end so there will be time to pray and repent! To know where the safe cities will be. Where I will not wake up one morning and find my bed floating on a new body of water. Alternatively, have a day of complete terror because the world is upside down. I must say that Ms. Browne’s book has given me a sense of well-being and a feeling that not all will be lost.

Readers interested in religious history will find the first six chapters of End of Days very informative. If you are like me and just want to know what it’s like on the Other-Side? Even though the book tells us, we all have been there before and end up reading a book like this to remember! In addition, if you want to be in the know and to know what’s coming stick to the last two chapters in the book. This book is available in Kindle edition and in hardcover at your favorite retailer.


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One Response to REVIEW: End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies About the End of the World by Sylvia Browne and Lindsay Harrison

  1. Ronald says:

    Russell never gave any prophecies.
    “Our own views are not prophecy, but interpretations of the holy prophets of old.” (Watch Tower, October 1890, page 8)

    “Neither must you lean upon the DAWN and the TOWER as infallible teachers. If it was proper for the early Christians to prove what they received from the apostles, who were and who claimed to be inspired, how much more important it is that you fully satisfy yourself that these teachings keep closely within their outline instructions and those of our Lord; — since their author claims no inspiration, but merely the guidance of the Lord, as one used of him in feeding his flock.” (“The Watch Tower”, June, 1893)

    “We are not prophesying; we are merely giving our surmises, the Scriptural basis for which is already in the hands of our readers in the six volumes of SCRIPTURE STUDIES.” (Watch Tower, January 1, 1908, page 5).

    “I am not a prophet.” (What Pastor Russell Said, Q272:1, 1910)

    Russell never, ever, expected the planet earth to no longer be rotating on its axis in 1914, or that it would ever cease to rotate on its axis at anytime ever.

    Russell was not expecting the end of the world in 1914.

    Russell was never associated with an organization known as “Jehovah’s Witnesses.” He was not is founder or its leader. He would certainly not found and be a leader of an organization that he never believed in.

    Christian love,

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