Breaking Dawn Ebook Will Be Available Sunday, August 3rd

So unfair that the publisher, Little and Brown, has decided to delay the ebook version of Breaking Dawn, the fourth and last book in the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. The reason cited was that the retailers wouldn’t be able to stagger the ebook release across time zones enabling ebook readers to actually read the book before the print version of the book was released. Pffftttt. So here I am, waiting for midnight to purchase my copy of the book and now I have to wait until Sunday. So, it doesn’t matter that print readers are able to read the book before ebook readers? Good to know.

Edited to Add: My apologies, you can buy the ebook at: Amazon (Kindle Edition) ($9.99) or you can buy it from BooksOnBoard for $17.24 in mobipocket format.


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6 Responses to Breaking Dawn Ebook Will Be Available Sunday, August 3rd

  1. Li says:

    I read that too and was wondering what was their real motivation. I suspect it has more to do with ebook piracy, i.e. they are trying to delay the circulation of pirated copies on the web. Dangerous precedent for ebook releases – I hope this is a one-off.

  2. Caitay says:

    So help me guys
    Where can i get it then?
    Im really confused
    Help help help
    Please please!!!!!!

  3. Avid Reader says:

    You can buy it here: BooksOnBoard, among other places.

  4. caitay says:

    My sister bought it
    i get it when she finished so theres no point in buying it again.
    when can i download the ebook?
    And where
    i heard you can today?
    is that right??

  5. Avid Reader says:

    Li, I suspect you are right.

  6. Li says:

    LOL – as evidenced by the previous poster!

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