Upcoming Reader Contest, Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

Cry Wolf by Patricia BriggsCry Wolf by Patricia Briggs is a brand new series that is a spin off from the Mercy Thompson book, Moon Called, that first introduced Charles Cornick, an assassin for the Marrok. In Moon Called, Charles went to Chicago to take care of “pack business” which is the plot of the short story, Alpha and Omega, in the On the Prowl Anthology. In this new fantasy series, Cry Wolf, is the continuation of that short story and features a rare breed of werewolf, an Omega, and her name is Anna Latham, a former waitress from Chicago. Omega’s as we are to learn through Anna and the rest, have all the strengths of an Alpha without the aggression. An Omega’s nature is to protect and soothe those around them. Addendum: Just to ensure that my “regular” readers are given a leg up, I will ask a question and the first three readers who answer it correctly will win a copy of Cry Wolf. It might be a question about who my favorite author is at the moment, etc. Yes. I changed the rules. I can do that.

This reader contest will begin as soon as soon as I get my review up between now and July 29. The first THREE READERS (3) who comment on the review will win a copy of the book. Simple as that. I know many of you have probably pre-ordered this book or have plans to purchase this book on July 29. I’m sure there are readers out there who would like a free copy of this book. The contest is over as soon as I get my three winners. The contest is open to everybody – near and far away. I only ask that you email me your contact info as soon as you have been announced as the winner of the reader contest within (3) days or your status as winner is forfeit and I choose another.

Also, as with all contests, please make sure to spread the word, share your thoughts on the book–good or bad– where other readers may congregate. That’s it. This contest is mainly for my regular readers and if you read this blog on a daily basis then you are already a step ahead. I plan to do more of these types of contests for the books that I have enjoyed. Good luck to all of you and consider this as a “thank you” for visiting avidbookreader.com.


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