A Tale of Two Siblings: A Tell All Book About Madonna To Hit Shelves

Life With My Sister Madonna by Christopher Ciccone

Madonna’s estranged brother has decided to do a “tell all book” about his superstar sister, Madonna along with some additional mud slinging at her husband Guy Ritchie. Christopher Ciccone – you remember him from Truth or Dare right? No? Doesn’t matter. Well, allegedly, his new book, Life With My Sister Madonna, is purportedly not a digg at his famous sister. In fact, it’s just a great “tale” he thought many would enjoy reading (snicker). The book is co-authored with Wendy Leigh. Well, out of respect for Madonna and her many years of giving me great music to play on my iPod, I for one will not be financially supporting this book. Like everybody else, I’ll wait for my copy at the library. Yeah, l know you’re dying to read it, too.

This promises to be a tough week for the material girl. She is currently batting down rumors of her alleged affair to A-Rod. Life With My Sister Madonna is ranked #13 on Amazon.com as of this writing. The book is being published by Simon Spotlight Entertainment and the book is 352 pages long. The book should land at your favorite bookstore and in a strategically placed book display case when you enter the door on July 14, 2008. Enjoy.


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2 Responses to A Tale of Two Siblings: A Tell All Book About Madonna To Hit Shelves

  1. mary27 says:

    I’ll go to Rome in september to see Madonna in concert!!! Wow she’s fantastic! Look her video! http://memopal.clickmeter.com/315674.html

  2. Karen Scott says:

    What a loser. I wont be buying his book for sure.

    Damn Judas.

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