REVIEW: Scream for Me by Karen Rose

Scream For Me by Karen Robards (2008)Karen Rose latest book “Scream For Me” is well written and suspenseful. It is a continuation of the unraveling of the Vartanian’s family secrets. In the small town of Dutton, Georgia, another killer is on the loose killing young women whose deaths are tied to the past. Thirteen years ago Alicia Tremaine was raped, murdered and dumped in a ditch in Dutton. Her killer was caught and is now serving time. When another corpse is found and then another, some of the residents of this small Georgia town are afraid.

Daniel Vartanian of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations just recently returned from leave following the death of his evil brother Simon and the burial of his parents who were murdered by Simon. He is thrown immediately into the investigation of a recent murder of a young woman whose body was found during a bicycle race.

The similarities between the recent murders and the murder of Alicia Tremaine are very apparent. The killer is using the same MO as was used thirteen years ago. Daniel fears that Simon is connected to these recent murders. After Simon’s death Daniel found photos his brother had of young women being raped and the young woman whose body was recently found was a photo in Simon’s stack of pictures.

Alex Fallon returns to Dutton, Georgia searching for her step-sister, Bailey Crighton who is missing. Alex takes custody of Hope, Bailey’s young daughter. Hope is traumatized by her Mom’s disappearance. When Alex hears about the murder she thinks the body is Bailey. When she goes to meet the investigator on the case she meets Daniel Vartanian. When Daniel meets Alex, he is shocked because Alex looks like one of the girls in his collection of photos of women who were found raped and murdered. He soon finds out that Alex is Alicia’s twin sister.

Alex becomes Daniel’s constant companion as she searches for Bailey and he searches for the killer. Daniel seems to be smitten with Alex from the beginning. His mind constantly strays to other things when she is around. The sexually charged tension between them grows day by day. When the bungalow where Alex is staying is trashed by an unknown suspect she moves in with Daniel for protection. Here in Daniel’s home, in his bed, their nights are filled with all consuming passion as the investigation continue.

This book is a chapter too long. Pages could have been cut for a tighter storyline. The book left a few things unanswered that I felt should have been answered in this book. The ending of the book did not fit the whole premise of the storyline. In fact, it was way out there, but the sex scenes were hot! I’d rate Karen Rose’s hardcover debut, Scream For Me, a B+.


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11 Responses to REVIEW: Scream for Me by Karen Rose

  1. ames says:

    *sigh* I have this one in my tbr pile – I’m definitely going to pick it up soon. I also just finished rereading Die for Me, so the whole Vartanian story is fresh in my mind.

  2. Li says:

    I still haven’t read a Karen Rose yet, but both “Nothing to Fear” and “Die for Me” are in my TBR pile. I take it DfM and this one are part of the same series?

  3. Melanie says:

    “Die For Me” is a sequal to “Nothing to Fear”. Thank you for your comment.

  4. vanessa jaye says:

    I just impulse bought Linda Howard’s hardback, so there goes my budget for HBs for the year. *g*. Besides, I only read HB in bed because they’re too heavy to lung around in my bag. But half the time I’m too tired to read and just go to sleep. So I think I’ll wait for the pb. But this one has only been getting good reviews so far.

  5. Kristie(J) says:

    I quite enjoyed the last one, but alas not enough to pay hard cover price for this one. When it comes out in PB though I will get it. My HC purchases are limited to JD Robb (and let’s face it – probably the latest Linda Howard)

  6. Avid Reader says:

    I am reading Linda Howard right now. I don’t know what to say about it yet. I will post a review.

    Li – I know Die For Me is somewhat of a continuation from Die For Me. Her books tend to be loosely connected but they do stand on their own shoud you decide to read them.

  7. Karen Scott says:

    Hey, who’s Melanie?

  8. Avid Reader says:

    Hey Karen,

    Melanie is a close reader friend of mine. More like a guest reviewer. It’s still a one man show here. [g]

  9. Karen Scott says:

    I see! By the way, I see you have Karin Slaughter’s Fractured, how’s that working out? You read it yet?

  10. Tee says:

    I also enjoyed Scream for Me. Considering it was her first hardback, I think she did well. Of her recent issues (because I’ve loved all her books), the one that still stands out in my mind is Count to Ten. Something about that one for me.

    Karen Scott mentioned that you have Fractured. I am planning to read that one too and will be interested in your thoughts about it. I was one of those that were less than pleased with the ending of her last book, but I knew I wouldn’t be giving Slaughter up because she writes so well.

  11. Avid Reader says:

    Hey Karen, I haven’t started it yet – I think it’s apart of a new series that started with Tryptych (?) Will let you know. I’m fickle. I can’t seem to quit reading her. [g]

    Hey Tee, yep I can’t quite give up reading her either. I have no plans to read anymore of her Grant County books but I am willing to explore her other stuff. Someone mentioned that she *might* be focusing more on this new series and will be ending her Grant County series.

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