The Story Behind the Story:

I found this really neat website that interviews authors to get the story behind the story of their new book. It is Last week I posted Sandra Brown’s video as she has an upcoming book that I am looking forward to reading, Smoke Screen, due out August 2008 and her last book, Play Dirty, is due out in paperback, July 22. Good book, btw and disregard all those negative reviews. I honestly don’t know what they are talking about.

You can search for author videos several ways: by publisher, by author and by title. Major publishers are participating like Simon and Schuster, Random House, Hatchette Books, Penguin and etc. I didn’t see a devoted romance section for romance authors but I sincerely hope more romance authors participate as this an promotional tool I’d like to see thrive. How about you?

The author videos aren’t overly long and I like the intimate setting where the author share just a little bit about themselves and their work in progress. In a competitive market where book sales are predicted to flat line, I think this is a great marketing tool for writers to connect to their fan base and introduce themselves to potential readers. I like it and I don’t particularly care for book videos, book trailers using actors etc and so forth.


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