Sharon Stone's Faux Pas

Just in case you haven’t heard, Sharon Stone’s faux pas has led China to boycott her films and label her and I quote from the article ““the public enemy of all mankind.” Ouch. Her insensitive remarks about the earthquake in China, labeling the tragedy as some type of bad karma, has resulted in her being dropped from Christian Dior and her films banned. I heard on CNN that Sharon Stone has four films coming up. Talk about bad karma, her films won’t be welcomed in China anytime soon and US audiences don’t exactly flock to her films here either unless it’s another Basic Instinct sequel. Ms. Stone did issue [cough] an apology.

via New York Times


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One Response to Sharon Stone's Faux Pas

  1. Peter Pram says:

    I think her comment was taken too seriously, i think she didnt mean for it to sound the way it did……to boycott her films and stuff is just childish, there are much more serious things in the world to worry about than Sharon Stones comment about the earthquake….China should concentrate on rebuilding stronger buildings after the disaster rather than worrying about Sharon Stone!

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