Wesley Snipes Sentenced To Jail for Tax Evasion

I know this is not news but it is still rather shocking to me but not a big surprise. The government wants to send a message to those who do not believe in filing their taxes: you will get caught, there is no defense for you and you will go to jail. It’s amazing to me how anyone thinks that they can get away with not filing their taxes. I’ve been a big fan of Wesley Snipes, since his small role in Wildcats that starred Goldie Hawn. Loved him in the Blade movies, too, with the exception of that last one (Blade Trinity). It’s a shame that his family had to go through this and unfortuante that it looks like he will be going to prison. According to the article, his attorney’s are seeking an appeal. I doubt that Snipes will do more than a year. What say you? Do you agree with the sentence? Disagree? Don’t really care one way or the other?


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