Travel: Saving $$ On Gas and Soaring Gas Prices

The average price for regular gas in my neighborhood is $3.41. I would never have believed that I would be paying that much for gas. I am just surprised and disturbed that there isn’t an outcry about this. I am going on a road trip in about a week and am grateful I drive a hybrid car because it saves me a ton of $$. There are more than a dozen tips to help you save on gas for you to peruse on the ‘net. I’m curious: what are you paying for regular gas in your neck of the woods?


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5 Responses to Travel: Saving $$ On Gas and Soaring Gas Prices

  1. jmc says:

    When I filled up my gas tank on Monday, the economy gas was $3.39 — or $3.29 if you paid with cash.

    I used to drive to a commuter train station with a parking lot, because it was faster than riding the bus to a closer one. It saved about 20 minutes each way, adding up to ~3 hours per week, and that seemed worth the cost of gas. In February, I stopped driving and started taking the bus. It’s saving some money — Monday’s fill up was the first since 3/22 — but it is also making me much less stressed. I’ve always been a fan of public transportation, and am becoming more of one as the price of gas goes up.

  2. AAR Rachel says:

    It’s 3.69 a gallon here in Michigan. Gas rates have been terrible all winter, which makes me dread what they will be in summer.

    We’re over a barrel here too (pun intended) with natural gas. You just have to pay what you have to pay. Our public transportation options here are limited. I’ve been trying to consolidate my errands more and go fewer places altogether.

  3. Jill D. says:

    I live in Winter Haven, Florida (close to Disney World). I paid $3.59 on Monday. Unfortunately it will get worse before it gets better. Good for you for having a hybrid. People complain that they really don’t save you that much money, but I disagree because they are not taking into account that the cost of gas will continue to rise. Five years from now it could be $7.00 a gallon. You will definitely be ahead of the game. Those with their SUVs will be crying in their wheaties.

  4. Rosie says:

    Our prices range from a low of $3.69 to a high of $4.27 per gallon with $3.90 being the median price. The poor person driving through here and pulling off the freeway at the wrong exit is going to pay $4.27 per gallon. That’s just mind boggling.

  5. Avid Reader says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see gas prices reach $4 this summer. My hybrid is not the best driving in the city but out on the highway, I get 36 mpg and driving to Georgia, that means I fill up only twice. Also, up till now, I’ve only paid $40 for a fill up no matter the price of gas, even when the dial is on E (empty) and that usually lasts me about a week and a half. I’ve heard people say that hybrids don’t save much but I don’t know what that claim is based on because it’s saving me $$ and I plan to stick to hybrid cars.

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