JK Rowling Goes to Court over Harry Potter

British best-selling and billionaire author, JK Rowling is going to court to stop the publishing of a Harry Potter encyclopedia that she says has crushed her creativity. Does her actions come off justified or heartless?

via CNN


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5 Responses to JK Rowling Goes to Court over Harry Potter

  1. Dev says:

    I think she’s completely justified ~ Harry Potter is her creation and she has every right to stop the publication of this encyclopedia that’s based off of timelines and characters that she’s created. I hope she wins.

  2. M says:

    She sent cease-and-desist letters to Steve, and Steve couldn’t get over his mountain-sized ego. He’s a pompous git. He asked a few people I know if they’d illustrate the book for him, and led them to believe that JKR had approved it. One of my friends managed to get out of her contract with Steve and RDR books the day after she signed it when I told her that Steve didn’t have approval for the book. The young woman was shocked to find out, and scared that she’d be sued along with Steve.

    Oh, and you know how the CNN article says that Steve moved to London to begin a career as a writer? HA HA HA. I’ll tell you the real reason. He moved there to be with his mistress/girlfriend, who is half his age. They’ve been having an affair for quite a while now. His wife and kids were left behind. Want details and proof? Just ask.

    I hope JKR squishes him. He’d deserve it. His stupidity tarnishes the good reputation of the fan base, and threatens to put our fun at risk. JKR has always given us a lot of liberty, and the last thing we need is Ego-Man Steve to turn our innocent fun into a copyright-threatened nightmare.

  3. julia sherman says:

    I think instead of being so hrdnosed she and her agent should offer a colaberation. This encyclopedia is a wonderful idea. But instead of going loggerheards, working on a collaberation would have put her in a more positive light.
    The idea of teh book is great one and woudl be agreat compliment to teh series.
    I dont see how something like this could stifle her creativity. If anything she should be happy that people want to continue and expand.
    If she woudl just come down and remember her roots, she would gain back some of the fans that now think of her as a stuick up snob.

    As a writer, collaberation gets you more positive exposure and keeps your fan base who ultimately can make or break you.

  4. M says:

    Julia, for being a writer, you REALLY DON’T GET IT. Telling a writer that she MUST share her creative material is like telling an artist that he must allow other people to apply paint to his canvas. She created Harry Potter, and nobody but her has the right to grant permission or demand permission to use that creative material. If you create an idea and someone else begins making money off of it, how would you feel? Maybe you’d be willing to let another creative person engage in such an endeavor, but you should never be forcibly obligated.

    While it would have been nice to see JKR’s creative skills combined with Steve’s anal-retentive OCD organizing skills (yes, he’s very very good at that), it should still be up to JK. If she wants to grant permission, then that’s fine, but nobody should tell her that she must.

    Collaborative experiences in writing work for some people, but not for all. I’ve written a novel, and when I first began, I had several people ask me if they could co-write with me. Other people wanted to offer plot suggestions. I told them to bugger off, and created a wildly successful story. It’s mine, and nobody else’s. Can you not understand that that sort of ownership means? What sort of writer are you?

    Also, you don’t know Steve. I DO. He’s a guy who used to be decent, but who has gone completely off his rocker over this. I watched this whole thing unfold first-hand, I know the people who got tangled up in it, and it’s ludicrous.

    And finally… if you’re a writer, you’re not very good at it. You’ve got painful misspellings and sentence fragments galore. If you think JKR is a snob, then I would honestly suspect that it’s out of sheer jealousy. She’s a brilliantly successful woman who has EARNED every scrap of fame and fortune she’s achieved. If you want that for yourself, then go write something better. Steve can do the same.

  5. jiujitsu_rocks says:

    Absolutely, without a doubt, JKR has every right to bring this guy down. Harry Potter was a figment of her imagination, and through her rough rides and sails through life, and her desperate attempt to try and better her life, she created what turned out to be a phenomenal story and tale that brought joy to millions.

    This was all done completely on her own. ANYTHING to do with Harry Potter, the buck should stop with her.

    It’s her creativity, blood, sweat and tears that created HP and nobody should have the right to make money off of it.

    I hope she kicks this guy’s ass, whoever he is. He is extremely pompous, a gold-digger and very arrogant to think he should get away with this.

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