Reader's Corner: Amazon's Broken System and TBR Day

TBR Day Is This Wed, April 16

This is a gentle reminder for those who are participating in the TBR Day challenge. I think I stopped and started several books and finally found one to read. I am looking for 100% participation this time! However, if you can’t make the deadline, there’s always next month. I can’t wait to see what everybody found in their TBR piles – will there be some keepers? We’ll see this Wednesday.


Amazon Review System is Broken

Jane is taking suggestions about what Amazon needs to do about fixing the integrity of their consumer feedback system from expolits and sending it to Bezos. I know I use Amazon reviews for products outside of books. I tend to be rather cynical and suspicious of any product that lacks a balance of perspective that tend to be only one-sided. I’ve been duped as have many other consumers, I’m sure, by this flawed review system. Universal acclaim in anything is so rare that when I see praise without any criticisms, it makes me wary.

As an aside, I’d read where eBay changed their rating policies where sellers can’t leave negative feedback (because execs figure that a lot of it is retaliatory or vindictive on the seller’s part). Yes, like buyers don’t do the same? I don’t agree with how eBay decided to handle that situation but it just goes to show that feedback plays an important role in sales.


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One Response to Reader's Corner: Amazon's Broken System and TBR Day

  1. LesleyW says:

    Arrggghhhh. I thought TBR day was next Wednesday only just started reading my book, will have to get my finger out to finish it.

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