Pharmacist Sanctioned For Not Dispensing Morning After Pill

I am not writing this in order to instigate debate or the ethics of the situation. I am here to inform. Here is the case: a Wisconsin pharmacist refused to refill a customer’s prescription for birth control and even refused to transfer the prescription to another pharmacy. The pharmacist is a devout Catholic and he didn’t want to “sin” by dispensing a medication that would inhibit the reproductive function of the body. I completely disagree with his actions because what he did was completely unethical and unprofessional pertaining to the function of his job. IOW, he failed to provide competent care to his customer and that is frowned upon in this profession.

The pharmacist was sanctioned and has been ordered to provide future employers in writing of his dispensing practices relating to birth control and the morning after pill. The aftermath of this case is somewhat unfortunate for both parties. The pharmacist has complained that he cannot find a job because no one will hire him. I do empathize in that his livelihood was affected but I do not sympathize with his situation since this was a situation he created in the first place. He should have dispensed medications and kept his religious beliefs separate from his job. Or transferred the prescription. He broke the law by refusing the transfer.

Latest update: I guess the pharmacist appealed the judge’s decision and lost.

via ABC News and USA Today


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One Response to Pharmacist Sanctioned For Not Dispensing Morning After Pill

  1. Jackie L. says:

    There are Catholic run hospitals where he could probably find a job. My PCP years ago gave people a pamphlet about abstinence when a woman requested contraception (married or not.) But he also gave the names and numbers of other MDs willing to prescribe. Of course, after I realized how he was handling this, I switched doctors immediately.

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