TBR Day Starts March 19

For those of you who have said “I am going to read from my TBR pile so that I can discover some great reads” well that great day to get you started will be March 19. Genre – you pick it. How many books you want to read – you decide. Review it, say you liked it, didn’t like it – just post something with a copyright date with a corresponding title of TBR Day. It’s every third Wednesday of the month. It’s not too late to sign up because guess what? For the reader(s) who do this continuously throughout this year starting March 19 without skipping up till December will get a $100 Amazon gift certificate as an incentive from me. It’s a one time thing because I’m feeling generous. If there is more than one reader – there will be a drawing. I’ll also create a special links page for readers who are participating so if you left a link I got it – if you didn’t and you want me to visit your website – leave it. Remember copyright dates 2007 and back – nothing from 2008.


Meanwhile, real life has been interfering a lot lately. Staff changes at work. I’ve been annoyed lately with Barack Obama’s campaign phone calls clogging up my answering machine compared to Hillary Clinton’s one letter sent to my house. Oh yeah, today is the all important primary so GO VOTE if you are one of the states doing their primaries today.

I have been reading – look for my Grimspace review -I know it’s all over the net – soon. Did I hate it? Did I love it? Do you really even care? I will have it up late, late tonight [tomorrow evening]. Anyway, I should be back to my regular blogging schedule -whatever that is.

Edited to add: Please note that Wednesday, MARCH 19, 2008 is the day you do post your review, likes or dislikes for TBR Day, MARCH 19, 2008. So look for your books now and have them read and posted on MARCH 19, 2008. If anything is unclear please leave a comment so that we can all be on the same page. Thanks!

Edited to add: FAQ for TBR Day:

When do I post my review?

The 3rd Wednesday of every month. I will post reminders with actual dates for each month. March 19, 2008 is the start date, which is two weeks from now.

How many books do I have to read?

Read as many as you like. For some readers (like me), reading at least one book from my TBR pile is more than enough.

What is the format?

Format is pretty informal – heading should state: TBR Day and in your blog post you should have title, author, copyright date, genre followed by your opinion of the book. Additional info that would be nice is why did you buy the book? What took you so long to read it?[g] Would you read this author again? Was this book designated a keeper on a review site or was this a recommended read or an impulsive buy? Whatever you want to share, feel free.

Is there a specific genre we must read month to month?
No. You can read whatever is in your TBR pile.

Must I participate each month?

This is voluntary and for those readers who want to knock down that towering TBR pile. You can skip a month, skip two months, join later on in the year but note that I have added an incentive with stipulations in that in order to win $100 Amazon gift certificate, you must participate each month. I’m thinking that maybe nobody really cares about that incentive!

Why are you doing this??

I thought that there should be a day where the reading community can come together on one day each month to show support and spotlight the books that they have read out of out TBR pile. We’ve bought so many books from over the years and many of us don’t like reading books that we already own (I know I speak for myself on that point). But sometimes, the real treasure of a read is right there in your home, sitting right there on your bookshelf. So, readers, let’s read some books!

Do I have to stop buying new books? I don’t think I can do that!

I’m not asking you to quit buying books, more importantly I can’t stop you from buying new books (wouldn’t want to either). But the TBR day is devoted to books that are in your pile starting from 2007 and back.


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12 Responses to TBR Day Starts March 19

  1. jmc says:

    I’ll be doing the TBR. Assuming that I make it to December, please don’t enter me in the drawing. Clearing my shelves a little will be incentive enough šŸ™‚

    I heard the same thing about the Obama campaign from my sister, who lives outside of Houston. She and her husband turned off their home phone and have used cells only for the last week or so.

  2. Lisa says:

    Can you please clarify- do we read the book on TBR day? read it before then and review it then? pick it out then? Sorry to be annoying…

  3. Avid Reader says:

    Can you please clarify- do we read the book on TBR day?

    I’m happy to clarify and will edit my post to make this clear. If you’re in for the challenge you should pick your books out now and be ready to post them on TBR Day, Wed of every month. So now would be the time to read whatever book you have in your TBR pile and be ready to review or post about it on Wed.

  4. Rosie says:

    Hey, I’ll give this a go. I’ve had some really good tbr karma lately. Hope I’m not jinxing myself by saying that. Although I have to get something to read and post by next week. Yikes!

  5. AAR Rachel says:

    I’ve got my book picked out for next week! That TBR has got to be tamed. šŸ™‚

  6. CindyS says:

    Phew! Thanks for the reminder, I swear I’d lose vital organs if they weren’t packaged so nicely in my body.

    I’m thinking I should try a Nora book – haven’t read her in years.


  7. CindyS says:

    Uh, I’m interested in the hundred bucks šŸ˜‰ I just know myself too well.


  8. hello! says:

    I like this idea!

  9. hello! says:

    Can you enter me in the drawing? I have got lots of books in my TBR pile. To start – Fire Study

  10. hello! says:

    wait – just realized fire study is a 2008 book

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  12. Chex says:

    I am def in and I am hoping for the $100 gift card. Amazon gets way too much of my money. My first TBR – Death of an Ordinary Man by Glen Duncan.

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