Lisa Valdez Updates Her Website; Confirms Nothing

I visited Sybil’s blog and learned that Lisa Valdez has updated her website to confirm what readers have already known in that there isn’t a set publication date for her two follow-up novels: Patience and Primose. I have no clue as to why it is taking Ms. Valdez so long to finish what she has started. It is obvious that many readers like me found her first book, Passion, a good enough novel to have us excited in reading the two books to follow.

I guess what really bothers me is the not knowing. I don’t need specifics but a line or two would be nice in letting your readership know that you’re still alive and despite the fact that your book is 2 years past due, you’re still working on it. I think the lack of communication is what frustrates me the most. People would be more patient if the author would just say that personal life has interfered with her work (if that is the case). Just to disappear and leave your website outdated annoys your fans. Well, it annoys me as I can’t speak for anybody else. I appreciate the update but it really tells me nothing and confirms only what many have already surmised. [shrug] I wish her good luck with her success in writing but she has pretty much lost me as a reader. Yes, I am fickle like that.


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One Response to Lisa Valdez Updates Her Website; Confirms Nothing

  1. Debra Long says:

    I agree with the comment concerning Mrs Valdez up dates on her website. This is a shame WHAT REALLY IS THE PROBLEM WITH THE BOOKS. I have been waiting over 2 years for release of at least one book that is far too long. I have pretty much given up on the books ever being released.

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