Marketing and Publishing: An Insider's Look

The New York Times has finally revealed to all that want to know about why it takes so very long for a book to be published. The average time from manuscript to the actual finished product takes about a year. The problem? Marketing says David Rosenthal from Simon and Schuster:

It’s not only buzz, it’s a product introduction — but with nothing like the advertising or marketing budget that a piece of soap would have,” said David Rosenthal, the publisher of Simon & Schuster. With the Internet and blogs, word of mouth travels more quickly today, but there’s a glut of information. To help a book break through the static, publishers have to plan months in advance.

And here I thought it was because author’s were taking their sweet time writing the next book. Interesting to note that Target and Wal-mart reserve space for mega authors like Nora Roberts and Janet Evanovich. Midlist authors just have to take what’s left. The article gives more of a insider’s view of what goes on behind the publisher’s doors once a manuscript has been bought. All the hype and build up months in advance must create sales which explains why certain authors are forced to reinvent themselves in order to be given a second or third chance.  Publishers are competitive, changing release dates to assure their mega author has first dibs on the NYT list. No surprise really at what goes on with the publicity of a book before it’s released. According to the article, it seems easier to promote a new book than a second or third.  Anyway, interesting article. You should read it.


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