Actor Nicholas Cage Sends Kathleen Turner a Valentine Back: A Lawsuit

Send Yourself Roses by Kathleen Turner and Gloria FeltRaspy voiced actress, Kathleen Turner (who is on Larry King tonight), has a new autobiography out titled, Send Yourself Roses, published by Springboard Press, released on Valentines Day. The publisher has been slapped with a lawsuit from Nicholas Cage’s people. Turner’s autobiography touches on her overcoming drug and alcoholic addictions and and a peek into her bedroom for kicks and for fun she decided to share some of Nicholas Cage’s alleged DUI convictions and this part was weird: the alleged theft of a Chihuahua? Whose autobiography is this anyway, Cage must be asking himself right now.  Anyway, Turner has been pretty much out of the spotlight since being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis which explains the weight gain because she takes steroids. I have zero plans to read this book because it sounds self indulgent [isn’t that the point of an autobiography?] However, I still love to watch War of the Roses. FYI: Springboard Press is a imprint of Grand Central Publishing (formerly Warner Books).

via Daily News


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One Response to Actor Nicholas Cage Sends Kathleen Turner a Valentine Back: A Lawsuit

  1. thanks for the review. i’m researching celebrity dui and nick cage is a name that i totally never recalled. i guess it didn’t make huge headlines like paris hilton.

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