This Site: Under Construction

If you are curious as to why my blog was down here is the 4 1 1: Saturday night my blog crashed.  I had to make  some changes and I didn’t think my blog would be back up this quickly(thanks guys!). I lost about two or three posts  because that content was deleted by an outside source. What I backed up wasn’t complete which is why you will see that all my images are no longer working (well, there are a few that are still there) and my latest post is Jan 08. Anyway,  I am in the process of fixing the images. If there is anything I’ve learned during this whole experience it is to back up your blog everyday!

Other Stuff

So, while my blog was being restored I did take this opportunity to change my theme. I like it and will keep it. I like simple themes that are functional and I think this one will keep me happy (at least for a little while).  I fixed my feeds so they should be working right. If there is anything else that is wonky that you come across please contact me.

So what did I do while my poor blog was out of commission? Well, I  read but I couldn’t keep myself away from the TV yesterday. Did anyone catch the Roger Clemens congressional hearing on CNN? I watched it for most of the morning and listened to it in my car while doing errands.  Who is lying here? I feel like taking a poll that says: Who is telling the truth or lying and the choices are the following:

A. Roger Clemens seems to be telling the truth and the Mitchell report just ruined his reputation for nothing
B. That trainer, Brian McNamee, was just lying his head off – who keeps bloody pads and needles for 5 years??? Sounds like a set-up.
C. The only one who seems to be telling the truth is Andy Pettitte  (<–my answer)
D. I could care less about baseball and performance enhancing drugs


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4 Responses to This Site: Under Construction

  1. Jane says:

    Andy Pettitte’s testimony sunk Clemens, in my opinion. After all, McNamee is not lying about injecting Knoblauch, Pettitte and even Clemens’ wife (they all admit to it) but he is wrong about Clemens?

  2. Avid Reader says:

    I know! Everybody has admitted to being injected with HGH but Pettitte’s misheard or misremembered Clemens using HGH? Oh, wait, it was B12 shots. I can’t believe he [Clemens]is going through with this [denying using HGH] and his agenda to set the record straight with a congressional hearing only made things worse for him.

  3. Wendy says:

    Clemens has more of a reason to lie than the trainer does. That said, I really don’t think the federal government should be wasting their time on this issue. They have bigger fish to fry IMHO. Like how the heck does Bud Selig keep getting his contract renewed? Honestly.

  4. Kristie(J) says:

    My answer is C too.

    Can’t go along with A. For B – Brian McNamee is slime but I think he’s telling some of the truth and sadly, I do care about baseball.

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