DearAuthor Spotlights Victims of Plagiarism

In response to those who think plagiarism is victimless, Jane has compiled a list with the biographies of those whose work was allegedly stolen by author Cassie Edwards. Excellent reading and you can read the article in its entirety here.

Also, Nora Roberts and The Smart Bitches have organized together to take donations for the Defenders of Wildlife program. It is to save ferrets which is a passion of Paul Tolmé, one of the victims of alleged plagiarist, Cassie Edwards. Make a statement, make a donation here.


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One Response to DearAuthor Spotlights Victims of Plagiarism

  1. SAM says:

    How long are you people going to drag this out?

    I would really like to know why Nora Roberts has it in for Cassie Edwards? Has she joined the SB’s club and feels she can just make accusations?

    Everyone knows the story. The SB’s who hate Cassie and her books accidentally came across something that looked like plagiarism. They started googling and having their friends jump in and now they are front page news.

    Nora Roberts who has nothing to do with Cassie Edwards actually stated to the AP that Cassie Edwards is a plagiarist. Nora has now replied on every single thread concerning Ms. Edwards.

    So we all get it. The SB’s hate Cassie, Nora thinks she’s the God of the romance industry and that we should all bow down to her.

    Then we have the “Famous Author” wanna-be’s whose books I wouldn’t pay 5 cents for. I don’t know what’s worse…the trashy erotica authors or the e-book authors who can’t get published by a big publisher and has to settle for what they can get.

    This is really getting old.

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