24 Hour Time Limit For Movie Rentals on iTunes

I was curious to know when the other shoe would fall on this new and great venture by Apple. Just in case you haven’t heard, Jobs announced at MacWorld that iTunes will start making movies available to download but here’s the catch: the rental expires in 30 days but when you hit the “rent” button, you have only 24 hours to watch the movie before it vanishes. I use Netflix. I love Netflix. No driving, no late fees and I get to keep the movie as long as I want without penalty. Even watch it when I feel like it if that means next week or stop and catch up later.  As much as I work, I don’t think downloading movies from iTunes will be a viable choice for me. With the 24 hour limit, it will be cutting it kinda close and emptying my wallet. I think I’ll stick with Netflix.

via Wired News


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