The Wire, Episode 52: "Unconfirmed Reports"

Note: This commentary contains spoilers so please do not read any further if you have not seen this episode which aired Jan 13, 2008.

Watching last night’s episode, all I had to say towards the end was WTF. While I love the politics of the show and it’s unapologetic view of the falsity of established institutions, McNulty clearly has stepped over the line in this episode. A homeless man’s body is found in what looks like a vacant house (if I remember correctly) and I had a few cringe worthy moments at what he did to the body. Since the mayor has cut back the funding of the police department and major crimes unit was disbanded – McNulty is going to do his best to get the FBI involved in getting Marlo Stanfield behind bars by any means necessary. You have to wonder if this type of shit happens for real? When you have shows like The Wire and The Shield showcasing police corruption, it makes you wonder for a sec.

Marlo StanfieldAnyway, my thoughts on the season so far is that we still haven’t seen Omar yet (supposedly he’s on retirement from his last score) and Avon Barksdale is going to help Marlo get on board with the Greeks? WTF? Don’t like that at all because what does this mean for Proposition Joe (who off camera sounds completely different in real life). Meanwhile, moving back into the political arena – State Senator, Clay Davis, has a case pending against him and he goes to his supporters in the police department for help but doesn’t get it. I wonder who he will take down with him? I’ve always thought it was amusing that Davis got the best of Stringer. You see, Stringer was a straight up drug dealer involved in the day to day running of the drug business but in season (3) he pretty much stepped out of that arena and just became “the bank” and a developer making legit money. Which he gave most of to–you guessed it–Clay Davis.  Anyway, looking forward to the next episode.

Here is a nice write-up of last night’s episode as well for you to enjoy.

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One Response to The Wire, Episode 52: "Unconfirmed Reports"

  1. vlad says:

    this episode is good but the next 1 gets wat better.
    war will break out marlo giong doun all those west side niga s
    giong doun son word up

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