The Library Diaries

Don Borchert’s, “Free for All: Oddballs, Geeks, and Gangstas in the Public Library” promises some good reading about the life and times of a librarian. The novel covers the author’s 13 year experience working in the library and cluing us in on it’s library patrons. I love my library but I am more of a pick them and drop them off kinda gal. I don’t linger nor do I browse the shelves often.

When I go to the library, it is often a hum of activity and as the author noted, a secondary day-care center for most of today’s youths. If we are going to expose some of the most annoying things about libraries and their patrons let me start it off by saying that I don’t appreciate how other people borrow books and devalue them. Often when it’s my turn to read a popular bestseller, why does it have to smell like smoke? Or look beat up and have bended corners? I mean dayum– often these books haven’t even been circulating long. So, what I do to avoid getting a badly beaten up copy is put in my request for an eagerly awaited title early. Hopefully, if I’m #7 on the list, the book should still look somewhat new and readable when I receive it. Peace. 

via LA Times


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